How much do I want to read more? 7/10

That's very interesting. Osho moves slowly to the destination he wants to drag us into, so that we don't miss it, so that we understand it well, and there are many nice little stories along the way.
We learn new things. It really reads like a book full of wisdom an culture and fine psychology.
I hope I can take the time to read more of it.

CHAPTER 1 - The Mustard Seed

Marriage is a commitment in depth, and unless you commit yourself you remain shallow.

the greatest relationship is between a master and a disciple.

The wife is substituted by a girlfriend, the husband is substituted by a boyfriend, but the master, and the relationship that exists between him and his disciples, has completely disappeared.

Or, this relationship has been substituted by a very contrary thing that exists between a psychiatrist and his patient.
Between a psychiatrist and his patient a relationship exists which is bound to be ill, pathological – because a patient comes not in search of truth.
A patient comes to get rid of the illness; the attitude is totally negative.
he needs adjustment. Adjusted to this world, this society, which is absolutely ill.
The ’normal’ man is also insane, but insane within the boundaries, the accepted boundaries of the society, of the culture.
the whole society, which is ill, says that this man is ill. And the psychiatrist exists on the boundary to help this man back, back to the crowd.
The psychiatrist cannot be the master, because he himself is not whole. And the patient cannot be the disciple, because he has not come to learn.

What about your small system? What about this small corner that you have cleaned and decorated? What about your philosophy?
Great philosophies have tumbled down and gone to dust: go to Rome, see what has happened! Go to Athens, see what has happened!
The greatest systems in the end come to dust; all thoughts finally prove to be useless, because thought is just a man-created thing.
Only in ’no-thought’ do you come to know the divine.

Diseases are on the periphery.
Once you come to realize who you are, all diseases disappear.

The child has to deny many fragments of his being which cannot be allowed manifestation. He has to deny them so much that he himself becomes unaware of them. This is what repression is, and the whole society exists on repression.

Unless a child is accepted totally as he or she is, this fear is bound to remain. But no society has yet existed which accepts a child totally – and it seems that no society will ever exist which will accept a child totally, because it is almost impossible. So repression is bound to be there, more or less.
You become disciples the very day you forget about what is good, what is bad.
You only become a disciple the day you are ready to expose your whole being to yourself.

With a master you have to drop the armor completely – that much is a must.
with a master the openness has to be total, otherwise nothing will happen.
Total trust is needed, only then can the secrets be revealed, only then can the keys be offered to you.

The more you doubt, the more scientific you become. The path is the very opposite of the religious path.
When you trust, it means closing these two eyes. That is why trust is blind, just like love is blind – but trust is even more blind than love.
When you close both these eyes, what happens? An inner transformation happens.
When both eyes are closed, the energy that was moving through these two eyes starts turning – a conversion happens. That energy hits the third eye in you.
Only through that third eye is a Buddha seen; only through that third eye is a Jesus realized. If you don’t have that third eye, Jesus will be there but you will miss him – many missed him.

Only the body is born out of the body. The inner self is not born out of the body, it is born of the holy ghost, it is of the divine. But first you have to attain the eyes to see, you have to attain the ears to hear.

Very few understood Jesus. a fisherman, a farmer, a shoemaker, a prostitute – they were very ordinary people, most ordinary, the most ordinary of ordinaries.
Why could these people understand? There must be something extraordinary in an ordinary man. There must be something special which exists in an ordinary man and disappears in so-called ’extraordinaries’. What is this? It is a humbleness, a trust.

The more you are trained in the intellect, the less trust is possible; when you are not trained in the intellect, more trust is possible. A farmer trusts, he has no need to doubt. He sows the seeds in the field and he trusts they will come up.
There is no need to doubt: trees are not cunning, you need no armor around you to protect yourself from them; hills are not cunning – they are not politicians, they are not criminals – you need no armor to protect yourself from them. You do not need any security there, you can be open.
People who live with nature are more trusting.
That is why you cannot conceive of Jesus being born in New York.

Jesus comes to the lake one day. ”Look! Why are you wasting your life? I can make you fishers of men. Why are you wasting your energy on fishing for fish? Come, follow me!”
They threw away their nets and they followed Jesus. This is trust.
it was enough – the call, the invitation was enough. They heard the invitation, they looked at Jesus, felt his sincerity, and they followed him.

A doubting mind is always looking back, always thinking of the alternative, always thinking of what he has not done, always thinking whether he has done right.

This relationship between master and disciple has disappeared because of three centuries of successful science.
Science has succeeded. But it didn't added a single bit to human happiness.
The more technology, the more comfort, but the less happiness: this is the miracle that science has done.
Happiness comes out of being needed. When you are needed you feel happy.
nobody needs you. You can be disposed of easily, you are nothing. Technology has created comfort and made you disposable. Technology has made you better houses, but not better men, because better men need some other dimension – and that dimension is not of mechanics. That dimension is of awareness, not of mechanicalness.