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Interestings facts about Buddha and his philosophy. Osho know much about it and could talk for hours about it. He's passionate, and we are given the gift to read this passion.
Buddha, unlike Jesus, is a rational. It never crossed my mind. I really know nothing, and I need extra reading sessions to get some knowledge about it. I'm also reading Herman Hesse at the same time.

Chapter 1 - The Most Excellent Way

To be free from the passions and to be calm, this is the most excellent way.
Those who leave their parents, go out of the home, understand the mind, reach the source, and comprehend the immaterial, are called shramanas.

Gautama Buddha is one of the purest beings, one of the most virgin souls, a rare phenomenon on this earth. The rarity is that Buddha is a scientist of the inner world.

Buddha is a rationalist. He’s not like Jesus and he is not like Krishna – he’s absolutely a rationalist. Einstein, Newton or Edison would not find any flaw in his reasoning. Any scientist will be immediately convinced of his truth. His approach is purely logical, he convinces the mind. You cannot find a loophole in him.

for loopholes in Jesus, there are many. The proof exists, but there is no argument for it. His whole being is his proof.

You need not be a religious person to be convinced by Buddha, that’s his rarity.
No belief is required to travel with Buddha. You can come to him with all your skepticism – he accepts and welcomes you, and he says, “Come with me.” First he convinces your mind, and once your mind is convinced and you start traveling with him, by and by you start feeling that he has a message which is beyond mind.

Buddha introduced many people, millions of people, to the inner world, but in a very rational way.

One day, when everything has been doubted, suddenly a new and ultimate doubt arises – you start doubting doubt.
doubt destroys doubt, and faith is gained. This faith is not against doubt, this faith is beyond doubt. This faith is not opposite to doubt, this faith is the absence of doubt.