How much do I want to read more? 7/10

Osho is always good to read. Much wisdom and common sense. Eye opening read.
Not everything is necessarly 100% right in my opinion, like his condamnation of technology, but he's headed to fantastic directions, mind-blowing.

Intelligence - A gift from nature

Just as fire is hot and air is invisible and water flows downward, so is life intelligent.
Intelligence is not an achievement. You are born intelligent.
And if you have eyes to see, you can see it everywhere. Life is intelligence.

You need a leader because first you have been made unintelligent—otherwise there would be no need for any leader. Why should you follow anybody? You will follow your intelligence.

If you want to destroy some- body's intelligence, the first thing needed is to create fear: Create hell and make people afraid.

I have heard about two men. One would throw coal on people's windows; the other would offer to clean.
They were partners in the same business. One would do the damage, the other would come to undo it.

an intelligent man is never greedy.
You hoard for tomorrow because you are not confident of tommorrow.
You become misers, you become greedy, because you don't know whether tomorrow your intelligence will be capable of coping with life or not.
An intelligent person is not afraid, is not greedy.

You want absolute security for tomorrow—it cannot be guaranteed; it is not in the nature of life. An intelligent person knows that it is not in the nature of life. The future remains open—the bank can go bankrupt, the wife can escape with somebody else, the hus- band can die, the children may prove unworthy. Who knows about to- morrow? You may fall ill, you may become crippled. Who knows about tomorrow?
To ask security for tomorrow means to remain in constant fear.

With the desire for se- curity in the future you are destroying the present, which is the only life available.

We start creating fear in the child. You call it teaching, you call it making the child capable of coping with life. He is unafraid, and you create fear in him.
And your schools, colleges, universities—they all make him more and more unintelligent. They demand foolish things to be memorized. "Cram! You don't know now, but later on you will know why it is needed."

all the nonsense that people have been doing to other people, all the madness—study it!
What does it matter when a certain king ruled England, from what date to what date? But he has to memorize those stupid things. Naturally, his intelligence becomes more and more burdened, crippled.
By the time a person comes back from the university, he is unintelligent—the university has done its job.
It is such a great mechanism to destroy you.

There is a possibility of a different kind of education which will be helpful in sharpening your intelligence, not destroying it; which will not burden it with unnecessary facts. but rather will help it to become more radiant, fresh, young.
That education will make you capable of more clarity.
It will encourage inventiveness, not parroting repetitions.

Even if a child is not as right as Einstein, just his effort in trying to create something new should be appreciated, should be praised.
Education should not be competitive. People should not be judged against each other.
Competitiveness is very violent and very destructive.
Somebody is not good at mathematics and you call him mediocre.

In India we have been meditating deeply, and we have found one word: Swadharma, self-nature. That carries the greatest implication for a future world. Krishna has said, Swadharme nadhanam shreyah; "It is good to die in your own self-nature, following your self-nature." Per dharmo bavaha baha; "Somebody else's nature is very dangerous." Don't become an imitator. Just be yourself.