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Nice points about Freedom. Osho is always a powerful read.

Freedom means the capability to say yes when yes is needed,
to say no when no is needed,
and sometimes to keep quiet when nothing is needed--to be silent, not to say anything.
When all these dimensions are available, there is freedom.


physical dimension

You can be enslaved physically. for thousands of years man has been sold in the marketplace just like any other commodity.
In China for centuries the husband had the right to kill his wife without being punished because the wife was his possession. she was thought to be soulless. She was just a reproductive mechanism, a factory to produce children.

So there is physical slavery and there is physical freedom-that your body is not enchained, that it is not categorized as lower than anybody else's, that there is an equality as far as the body is concerned.
even today this freedom does not exist everywhere. it has not disappeared completely.

psychological freedom

There are very few individuals in the world who are psychologically free.
Most are slaves of political ideologies, social ideologies, religious ideologies.
We don't give them a chance to think on their own, to search on their own. We force their minds into a certain mold.
You are just conditioning their minds because your minds were conditioned by your parents.

Psychological freedom will be possible when children are allowed to grow, helped to grow to more intellect, more intelligence, more consciousness, more alertness. No belief will be given to them.
they will be given as much incentive as possible to search for truth.
"Your own truth, your own finding, is going to liberate you; nothing else can do that for you."

Truth cannot be borrowed. It cannot be studied in books. Nobody can inform you about it. You have to sharpen your intelligence yourself, so that you can look into existence and find it.

The whole world lives in psychological slavery.

ultimate of freedom

This is knowing that you are not the body, knowing that you are not the mind, knowing that you are only pure consciousness.
That knowledge comes through meditation.

That is spiritual freedom.

The lines that you have drawn on the map are not anywhere on the earth. They are just your game. But fighting over those lines that you have drawn on the map, millions of people have died-real people dying for unreal lines. And you make them heroes, national heroes!

My vision of freedom is to be yourself.
freedom to do anything you want is not freedom either, because wanting, desiring to "do" something, arises out of the mind--and mind is your bondage.
The true freedom comes out of choiceless awareness. Then the freedom is neither dependent on things nor dependent on doing something.
The freedom that follows choiceless awareness is the freedom just to be yourself. And you are yourself already, you are born with it; hence it is not dependent on anything else.

Nobody can give it to you and nobody can take it from you. A sword can cut your head but it cannot cut your freedom, your being.

Freedom from things is dependent on the outside. Freedom to do something is also dependent on the outside. Freedom to be ultimately pure has not to be dependent on anything outside you.

You were not born a Christian or Mohammedan; you were born just pure, innocent consciousness. To be again in that purity, in that innocence, in that consciousness, is what I mean by freedom.

Freedom is the ultimate experience of life. There is nothing higher than that. And out of freedom many flowers blossom in you. Love is the flowering of your freedom. Compassion, another flowering of your freedom. All that is valuable in life flowers in the innocent, natural state of your being.

So don't connect freedom with independence. Independence is naturally from something, from somebody. Don't connect freedom with doing things that you want to do, because that is your mind, not you. Wanting to do something, desiring to do something, you are in the bondage of your wanting and your desiring. With the freedom I am talking about, you simply are--in utter silence, serenity, beauty, bliss.