How much do I want to read more? 7/10

I am no longer a student, and don't receive grades, but I'm interested in learning, efficiency, this kind of stuff.
This book gives good insights that applies not only for school, but also in business or any aread.
I particularly like this one at the beginning: "Don't envision the final goal, but rather the state of being you want to achieve".


Focus on getting good grades while also gaining skills outside of class, building things, doing extracurriculars, making connections and - yes - making time to have fun.

The main point of this book is to help you earn better grades, but the almost-as-important sub-focus is to cut down your study time.

The Study Time Equation

the best way to look at this is to envision the final goal not as the tangible reward - the grade - but rather as the state of being you want to achieve.

Book overview

I called them 10 steps, but you should actually think of them as levels in a Mega Man game - you can take them on in any order.

“Ideas are just a multiplier of execution.”

-- Derek Sivers

Multiply anything by zero and you get… zero.
You’ll be a lot better off if you just read one step of this book and put it into action than if you read the whole thing and proceed to do jack.