How much do I want to read more? 8/10

I love osho. I'm amazed how simple, yet how profund his words are.
It's funny how slowly he moves when teaching, like to make really sure he is well understood. I surely can relate to that, and if I were a teacher I would surely employ that same technique, saying the same thing with three different senteces and different perspectives.
I like the emphasize on words, how futile they are.
Also, the fact that we don't know even a little bit about life and ourselves.
It resonates, it's just so powerful.
Ok, we are all here searching for bliss, and we can only get somwthing when we're ready to let go something else. Then reading the next sentence gives me goosebumps. (This guy is a genius).
"there is one kind of wealth that everyone has – and that is their suffering."
Suffering, why is it our most precious thing? Because it's like a guide telling us what to change.


1. Kill out ambition.

Ambition is the first curse: the great tempter of the man who is rising above his fellows.
Yet it is a necessary teacher.
it shows the man at last that to work for self is to work for disappointment.

You have to come inwardly too. And before that inner journey can begin, it is necessary for you to understand a few things about yourself – because it is you who will make this journey. No one else can make this journey on your behalf. In this world, it is not possible to see with someone else's eyes, nor is it possible to walk with someone else's feet. Here, you have to die for yourself and you have to live for yourself.

Even wrong paths can reach to the right destination; what is needed is the right traveler. It all depends on the traveler. It is not the path that takes the traveler to the destination, it is the traveler who reaches.

The path changes in accordance with you. As you are, so becomes the path.

The first thing: the first thing for you to understand about yourself is that you don't know anything. If you did know, then there would have been no need for you to come to me.

If you are able to catch hold of even one ray of sunlight, then the whole path which reaches to the sun has opened up.
if you are able to taste even one drop of the ocean, then you have tasted the whole ocean.
If you know even a little bit of life, then there is no need to ask anyone anything.
as if a man takes a small lamp and walks in the darkness, and the way is lit for only two steps; but when he has taken those two steps, two more steps are lit up.
only two steps, you can complete a journey of a thousand miles. There is no need to light up the whole thousand miles.

If you knew even a little bit about yourself, then there would have been no need for you to come to me.
words have no life and no meaning. In this world, there is nothing more false than words.
I cannot put my experience into words.
when I put my experience into words, what you hear is not the experience, but empty words.

I say God and you hear it, I say soul and you also hear it, but there is no meaning in the words soul or God. What you are hearing is just words, and by hearing them again and again an illusion is created that you have understood. The knowledge of words is another name for foolishness.

You don't know anything. Please let this be clear; this is fundamental.
If an ignorant person thinks that he is wise, then this so-called wisdom will lead him much farther astray than his ignorance would have.
If you can understand that you don't know anything, then that is the first ray of wisdom.

If any wise person happens to have come here, please go back. I will be able to work only with those who are aware of their ignorance. Your knowledge will become a barrier for you.
It is very easy to wake a man who is sleeping, but it is very difficult to wake a man who is pretending to be asleep.

The second thing: the life of every person is a search for only one thing – how to get rid of suffering, how to attain happiness.

Every bird that flies, every animal that moves, every man that lives…they are all this same search. In existence, the inner search of even a stone is for happiness. So the second thing to keep in mind is, what are you searching for?

The third thing to keep in mind is that you want to search for bliss, but what will you give for it? What will you pay for it – with what? What do you have that you will give in return?

In order for a man to take even one step, he has to leave the piece of ground on which he was standing; only then can he go forward. There is no progress in this world if he is not willing to leave something behind.
To grasp the desired object, your hands at least should be empty.

There are two types of paupers: one is a poor pauper and the other is a rich pauper – but all are paupers.
You can see many people who have money, but they are not rich. They are also in the rat race to grab as much as they can, just as the poorest of the poor are.
Like a beggar holding on tightly to whatever he has got in his hand, the man who has the biggest safe is also holding on tightly to whatever he has.
The tightness of their grip is the same, so their poverty is also the same.

So you don't have wealth – no one has – and that is why I don't insist that you drop it. How can you let go of what you do not have? I don't tell you to give up your life, because even that is not yours. How can you have a life that you are not even aware of?

there is one kind of wealth that everyone has – and that is their suffering.
if you can give up your suffering then the path to happiness can be opened up.

I say to you that suffering is not holding onto you, you are holding onto suffering. And if you can agree to look into what I am saying, you will come to understand it for yourself. Not only will you come to understand it, but you will experience a letting go – and you will come to know how suffering can be dropped. And when you become good at the art of letting go of suffering, then one day you will realize that you were dragging it around with you – and no one except you was responsible for this. Whatever suffering you experienced, nobody else was to blame.

A small child wants to cry: psychologists say that the act of crying in a child is a catharsis. Whenever tension builds up in the child, then by weeping he throws out his tension.
We try everything to prevent him from crying. That tension which could have been released by crying collects – it isn't released. In this way we let it accumulate. Who knows how much pain and tears each person accumulates? And he sits on this collected pile.

You have never wept heartfully nor have you ever laughed totally. Because you have not cried, something has become stuck in you;
You have become half-hearted.
The name of this accumulated pain, this unreleased pain, is hell – and you are dragging it around with you.

I am here for those who are ready to become simple, like children. Only then can I do something – because only children can be taught something, only children can be changed. A revolution can occur only in the lives of children.

You should understand that until you express the pain you have buried in your unconscious, it will not leave you, it will remain buried.

When you are born, there is no suffering in your self-nature. There is no pain; pain is brought in from the outside.
We bring suffering in from the outside – it is not in our intrinsic nature.

ou cannot become free from your self-nature, but only from that which is other than your self-nature. You can become free only from that which is not yours. There is no way to become free from that which is yours.

Pain has to be thrown out. During these coming days, throw out as much pain as you can. And as you go on throwing it out, the understanding will grow that this was a strange madness you were nurturing!

And the second thing is that as you throw out the pain, as you throw it from the inside back to the outside from where it came, bliss will begin to arise from within you.

Bliss is within. No one gives it to you from the outside. It doesn't come from the outside; it is your nature, it is you. It is hidden within, it is your soul.

If you want to hold on to the pain, then keep this technique in mind: never throw it out. If you want to increase your suffering, if this is what you are set on doing – and it seems that many people are set on doing just this – then never express your suffering, don't manifest it. If tears are welling up, swallow them; if you feel anger, repress it. If any trouble is welling up inside, repress it – it will increase. You will become one big hell.

That's why Mahavira and Buddha ran away to the forest when they were in pain – because pain has to be released. It is good that they released it in solitude, so that no one was affected by it. But when they became filled with bliss, they went back to the marketplace because now they had to share it, and when you have something to share, it is right to do so in the marketplace.

You have to become like a small child who has no worry about the past nor any concern about the future; who doesn't even know what others are thinking about him. Only then will that happen for which I have given you the call, and the journey I want you to go on will begin.

A little courage is required, and the treasures of bliss are not far away. A little courage is required and you can drop your hell. Just as when a man who has become dirty from the road comes home and takes a bath and the dirt is washed away, in the same way meditation is a bathing, and pain is the dirt. And when the dirt is all washed away and you feel fresh from bathing, the joy, the bliss that comes to you then is your self-nature.