How much do I want to read more? 7/10

I've always loved to read Osho, and this book is no exception.
Reading it transport you to a fascinating yourney, about most important matters.


The skeptical mind is one of the most beautiful things in the world.
And the skeptical mind is just the opposite of the believer.
I am all in favor of the skeptical mind. Do not believe anything unless you have experienced it. Do not believe anything -- go on questioning, however long it takes.

test as anybody else's beliefs. Skepticism, when it is total, burns itself out because you have to question and doubt your skepticism too.

What is a mystic? -- one who knows no answer, one who has asked every possible question and found that no question is answerable.

Life is a mystery, not a question. Not a puzzle to be solved, not a question to be answered but a mystery to be lived, a mystery to be loved, a mystery to be danced.

It does not matter what kind of nonsense is filled in your head when you come here. I will chop your head without any distinction. Who is sitting on your head does not matter -- my concern is chopping!