How much moew do I want to read? 9/10

This is just beautiful. I don't know if we may call it poesy, philosophy, psychology or human science, but to me it is the kind of discussion that is the dearest to my heart.
We may get lost in our emotions easily, but they're just insignifiant compared to what matters.

Always remember,
are yours…


What are your thoughts except ripples on a lake?
“We reduce everything into a how. There is a great how-to-ism all over the world, and every person, particularly the modern contemporary mind, has become a how-to-er: how to do this, how to do that, how to grow rich, how to be successful, how to influence people and win friends, how to meditate, even how to love. The day is not far off when some stupid guy is going to ask how to breathe. It is not a question of how at all. Don’t reduce life into technology. Life reduced into technology loses all flavor of joy.”

Here you will find insights to unlock your own intuitive understanding of yourself and your inner world.

No, this is not a “how to” book. It is a lamp that you can use, no matter who you are, to light the hidden corners of your own unique individuality.

What are emotions?

What are your emotions, your moods, your sentiments?
What is your whole mind? - just a turmoil.
And because of this turmoil you cannot see your own nature.
You go on missing yourself.
You meet everybody in the world and you never meet yourself.

You are angry, but you cannot remain angry forever.
Even the angriest man laughs sometimes, has to.
It cannot become a permanent state of affairs.

Even the saddest man smiles;
and even the man who laughs continuously
sometimes cries and weeps and tears come to his eyes.

Emotions cannot be permanent.
That’s why they are called “emotions”!
The word comes from “motion,” movement.
They move; hence, they are emotions.
From one to another you continuously change.

This moment you are sad, that moment you are happy;
this moment you are angry,
that moment you are very compassionate;
this moment you are loving, another moment full of hatred;
the morning was beautiful, the evening is ugly.
This goes on.