How mich do I want to read more? 8/10

I love Jim Rohn. It wake up the best part in me.
This looks like a thick big complete book about his philosophy.
I'm sure it's well worth the read.
The beginning I already read it elsewhere, but I will never read it more than enough.


the ideas you’re about to discover are fundamental to the art of winning.

Chapter One - A Magic Word: Discipline

“We must unweave every strand of our cable of habits, slowly and methodically, until the cable that once held us in place becomes nothing more than scattered strands of wire.”

“How do you get a miracle going? It’s all a matter of discipline. And it begins with one simple step: doing what you can do.”

“Discipline enables you to capture your emotion and wisdom and translate them into action.”

“Once you have seen and felt your ideal future, you will be ready and able to pay any price to get there.”

The Bridge Between Thought and Accomplishment

If there is one magic word that stands out above all the rest, it is discipline.

The first key to discipline is awareness of the need for and value of discipline, especially the discipline to make the necessary changes. What will it take? What must I do and what must I become to get all I want from life?

Discipline does many things, but most important of all is what it does for your mind-set—it makes you feel better about yourself.

You don’t change destinations immediately—that is yet to come—but you can change direction immediately, and direction is very important.

Discipline cooperates with nature. Everything strives.
Everything strives to become all it can possibly be.

So start the process. Begin a new habit, no matter how small it is. Size isn’t important; whether or not you start and whether or not you continue are all that matter.

Like a bridge connecting two sides of a river, discipline links thought and accomplishment… inspiration and achievement… necessity and productivity.