How much do I want to read more? 6/10

This is very "corporate world" oriented (workplace, manager, leader).
I first thought it's about all os us in our "learning journey", about being selectice. So I'm a bit disappointed.
The author style is not the most pleasant. She takes a pseudo fake real person in the position of a manager to explain what advices she would give her.
It's still interesting to me, as I've been in a leadership position and kind of screw it up, or at least I struggled with this "expert leader" role. In perspective I should have clearly stated from the begining that I was delegating this "expert" role to my team. Instead of pretending I'm still the expert, because I'm the leader.
Roles are hard to define: what is a leader, what is an expert, what should everyone do, what expertise differenciate one from another?


I’ve seen far too many managers struggling—really struggling—to break out of expert-leader mode and find new ways to lead.
Every day in every organization I encounter, I see expert leaders taking on responsibility for areas that are outside their expertise. They are asked to lead teams whose members know more about the work and the content than the leader can ever hope to know.

A Blend of Expert and Spanning

You’ll probably never be exclusively a spanning or an expert leader. Instead you’ll adopt different ways of leading for different issues, demands, and positions.

Chapter 1: The Expert Leader at His or Her Best