How much do I want to read more? 8/10

I like the message very much: Don't do more, but do the right thing.
It all starts with self-clarification. What's unique in ourselves, the exploration of ourselves to set our unique priorities.
I'm eager to read, because I just need that.
I feel I don't have a clear vision of what my priorities are. Most importantly, day after day, I don't feel I'm fullfilling or getting closer to what I aspire.

“Many things in life are worth missing out on. This book is not one of them. Pick this book up if you want to discover what your deepest-held priorities should be, get to know yourself better than you have before, and actually act on what’s important every day. I loved this book and couldn’t put it down.”


Tonya has taught me…


intentionally choosing to live in the present moment.
Example: She wanted more Joy of Missing Out in her life, so she intentionally left her computer in her office, eliminating the temptation to check in with work during family time.

An intense feeling of delight and happiness caused by centering your life on what is truly important and letting go of the “shoulds” and “have tos” in life
Example: She decided not to be weighted down by social pressure and chose to find the Joy of Missing Out by saying no to accepting another board position out of guilt.

SYNONYMS: unhurried purpose, intentional, priority-centered
ANTONYMS: busy, hustle, frazzled, knock stuff out, having a full plate


overwhelm isn’t having too much to do; it’s not knowing where to start.
intentionally choosing to cut through the clutter and noise in our lives. It’s discovering the happiness that comes when we center our lives on what is truly important to us and let go of the rest.
your mindset has the power to change perspective, which means it has life-changing magic to it.

[busy] feels like being the marble in the pinball machine versus following a road map from point A to point B. There’s purpose to the latter, instead of just rolling around willy-nilly.

when we slip into bed at night and our heads hit the pillow; We feel unsatisfied, unsuccessful, and unhappy even though we were busy all day long.


Productivity is not about doing more, it’s doing what’s most important.
stop trying to get more done and instead reset our focus on our own priorities.

4 steps: discovery, clarity, simplicity, harmony.


Discover your priorities and purpose so that you can stop trying to do “all the things.”

Each of us is unique in where we want to shine our light, so we need to begin by solving the question of who we really are.