How much do I want to read more? 8/10

Typical self-help book that push you to live fully and become what you can.
It steps back and ask: is reading self-help litterature worthwhile or only half the equation?
The author is very famous for his first book.
I'm expecting valuable insights here, a new awareness in what actions to take.


I messed up with my last book, The Miracle Morning.
I took that goal seriously (to change million of lives). nonstop promotion, interviewed on hundreds of podcasts, television, Facebook…

the Miracle Morning has supported countless people to discover and share their own unique gifts, which makes the world better for all of us.

Daily practice doesn’t actually produce achievements. It’s only half of the equation.
You can meditate every day, read personal development books, gain clarity by journaling, and become the most knowledgeable, confident, and prepared person you could ever be—and then do nothing. How helpful is that?

Your bookshelves are overflowing with more wisdom than you have time to read.
The results just aren’t there. Your bank account isn’t where you want it to be. The personal relationship that you’re in and that you expected to be so fulfilling…isn’t.

we love the high of those Ah-ha! moments. But nothing ever really changes. No lasting transformation occurs. I used to devour book after book, believing that with each new morsel of wisdom I absorbed, I became a better version of myself. As if just that knowledge, tucked safely inside my brain, were sufficient.

It’s not uncommon to think that engaging in daily personal development is enough in and of itself. But it’s not.

Over time, I developed a process that translates the synthesis of all that personal development knowledge into action. I realized that from that action, which is oftentimes simple and quite ordinary, extraordinary results will emerge.

With this book I wanted to create something that would help move your success from possible to probable and eventually to inevitable.
The Miracle Equation is that process. Very simple, but only a small percentage of our society understand how to execute it.

The first decision is to maintain Unwavering Faith and the second is to put forth Extraordinary Effort.
the key to creating miracles is to do both, over an extended period of time.

When we study the world’s most prolific achievers, innovators, philanthropists, athletes, and just about anyone else who has made a significant contribution to the world, we see that they have done so by establishing and maintaining Unwavering Faith that they could and then putting forth Extraordinary Effort until they did.

1/ TAKING THE MYSTERY OUT OF MIRACLES - Moving from Mythical to Measurable

Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature.