How much do I want to read more? 9/10

I know the person who wrote the foreword better than the author of the book. James Clear is pretty familiar, for I read his book "Atomic Habits", and before that, I read lots of his articles, and book recommandation. I like his website very much, such a brillant minimal design, it surely inspired me to design mine.
Reading the foreword is very exciting. I know it will helps in my ongoing learning journey.


Scott did learn the entire MIT undergraduate computer science curriculum and passing all of the final tests in less than a year—four years worth of classes in under twelve months.

He isn’t focused on simply soaking up knowledge. He is committed to putting that knowledge to use.

I learned through one simple method: I took over 100,000 photos that first year. I never enrolled in a photography class. I didn’t read books on how to become a better photographer. I just committed to relentless experimentation.

it’s improvement through active practice rather than through passive learning.

Passive learning creates knowledge. Active practice creates skill.

I traveled to Norway and ventured above the Arctic Circle to capture an image of the aurora borealis. Not long afterward, I was named a finalist for Travel Photographer of the Year thanks to that image of the Northern Lights. It was a surprising outcome, but also a testament to how much progress you can make during a short but intense period of learning.

I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and I figured writing would be one path that could get me there.

When I released Atomic Habits, it was the culmination of years of work centered around the process of ultralearning.
It’s just that most people never do it because they never had a playbook to show them how. Until now.

The simple truth is most people will never intensely study your area of interest. Doing so—even if it’s just for a few months—will help you stand out.

The process of intense self-directed learning can fashion skills you never thought you could develop.

I wish I had this book when I was starting out. I can only imagine how much wasted time and energy I would have saved.
Scott has compiled a gold mine of actionable strategies for learning anything faster. His effort is now your gain.
I hope you use these ideas to accomplish something ambitious and exciting in your own life.
With the stories and strategies Scott shares in this book, you will have the knowledge. All that is left is to take action.

-- James Clear

Chapter I: Can You Get an MIT Education Without Going to MIT?