How much do I want to read more? 8/10

The first few paragraph of this book really reasonate with me. I believe there's a smart way to get the knowledge and the wisdom other people spent years and decades to acquire.
This book is about acquiring such knowledge through mental models, a high-level way of thinking to better comprehend the world surrounding us.

The quality of your thinking depends on the models that are in your head.

When you learn to see the world as it is, and not as you want it to be, everything changes.


Finding Munger opened the door to unexpected intellectual pleasure. I felt like I had finally found knowledge that was useful because it was gained from someone’s real effort to better understand how the world works.
Munger has a way of thinking through problems using what he calls a broad latticework of mental models. These are chunks of knowledge from different disciplines that can be simplified and applied to better understand the world.

I joke with my kids that if you want to suck up someone’s brain, you should simply read a book. All the great wisdom of humanity is written down somewhere.
Ideas in this book come from the likes of Charlie Munger, Nassim Taleb, Charles Darwin, Peter Kaufman, Peter Bevelin, Richard Feynman, Albert Einstein, and so many others.

I believe in the discipline of mastering the best of what other people have figured out.
Charlie Munger