How much do I want to read more? 5/10

I'm sure this book has tremendeous insights underneath. Yet, the beggining makes it hard with lots of names and a rather boring style, mostly descriptive.
I only read a few pages, so I would need to read more to make an opinion. The more I would read, the more I would like it, obviously.
We can already feel that special atmosphere, when everything go from "normal" to "war time". From good to bad. History is a powerful guide to see what already happen, thus what's possible to be. It's not always for the better, and it's sometimes hard to believe it really happened.

‘Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.’

1. Priska

Priska’s young life thus far but still she had no concept of what she was soon to face. In the coming months hunger was to become her dreaded enemy, while starvation seemed the likeliest end to her suffering.

There was little reason for Priska or her family to worry that anything might alter their comfortable way of life.

There were willing spies everywhere, eager to denounce their neighbours in the hope of getting their hands on their property.