And remember, you have only one energy; you don’t have many energies, only one energy. At the lowest it is called sex energy. You go on refining it, you go on transforming it through meditation. It becomes love, it becomes prayer. It is the same energy, just refined states of it. Sex is crude, raw, just a diamond found from the mines. It has to be cut, polished; much work is needed.

Sex is raw energy. It has to be transformed, and through transformation there is transcendence. Rather than transforming it, religions have been repressing it. And if you repress it the natural outcome is a perverted human being. He becomes obsessed with sex.
The people who call me ”sex guru” are obsessed with sex. I have not talked about sex more than I have talked about meditation, love, God, prayer, but nobody seems to be interested in God, love, meditation, prayer. If I say anything about sex, immediately they jump upon it.

Out of my three hundred books only one book concerns sex, and that, too, not in its totality. The name of the book is FROM SEX TO SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS. Just the beginning of it is concerned with sex; as you go deeper in understanding it moves towards superconsciousness, towards samadhi. Now that is the book which has reached to millions of people. It is A strange phenomenon: my other books have not reached to so many people.

ex is one of the most important phenomena, in fact the most important phenomenon of your life. But from the very childhood we are being deceived, we are told lies about sex.
The children are bound to discover the reality. How long can you hide it from them? There is no need to hide anything; everything should be explained. When the child is inquiring it should be explained as it is.

if I have sometimes to talk about it, it is because of these religions. Once man is freed from religious exploitation and religious conventions, traditions, which are very oppressive, there will be no need to talk about sex. Then we can move into more intricate, scientific ways of how to transform it into higher forms of energy.
Sex is the lowest center of your existence and samadhi your highest, the seventh center. It is a ladder of seven rungs. And sex energy has to be moved rung by rung to the seventh where it opens up like a one-thousand-petaled lotus. One becomes a Buddha only when sex is transformed.


I am also a practical man. I don’t believe in theories, I believe in experiments.
maybe you are practical in the outside world. But there is an inner world too which needs as much scientific approach as the outside world does. In fact, it needs more accurate observation, more unprejudiced mind, more existential approach than the outside world.

mind and meditation cannot coexist. If the mind exists there is no meditation; if meditation happens there is no mind.
Mind and meditation are exactly like light and darkness.
When the light of meditation arrives, mind disappears like darkness. Hence meditation is incomprehensible to the mind.

all that you have done before was not really practical; it was all impractical because death will take away all that you have gathered. It is only meditation that gives you something which death cannot destroy, which is indestructible.
If you are really a practical man, then go into meditation. And I am talking to you as a practical man. I am a practical man, I am not a theoretical man at all. NO Buddha has ever been theoretical; they have always been very practical people. And they all have found that there is nothing more practical than meditation.