In the eastern languages, particularly in the mid-eastern languages – arabic, urdu, hindustani – we have a word for a vagabond… very beautiful. The word is ’khanabdast’. It means ’one whose house is on his shoulders’. It is very beautiful – one whose house is on his shoulders. The house moves with him… he is totally free.

So first the structure, the old structure, the square structure, has to be de-structured. Then a new structure has to be built – more flexible, more suitable for you – which gives you freedom, which allows you to do your thing. And you are not to adjust to the structure; the structure adjusts to you. This is the whole revolution. This is what I am doing here – taking away the fixed structures. It is a painful process, difficult, but if you are courageous it can be done.

The body is where you are rooted in the earth, and mind is just like branches in the sky – lovely to look at, but everything depends on the roots which are deep in the darkness of the earth. They don’t exhibit themselves; they don’t show. If you just move around you will see the branches and flowers, but you will never become aware of the roots.

So if only the branches are changing and the roots have not been affected, that change is not going to last long. But if the roots are affected, then this change is going to last, and the process cannot be reversed easily.
You are feeling inside the body – this is very beautiful. There are millions of people, almost the majority, who do not know any sense of the body. They have completely forgotten that they are in the body… they are just ghost-like.

The body has been suppressed for millennia, and the mind has been given the idea that it is the master; that mind is all and the body is nothing but a servant
That’s why people are afraid of being naked, because once you are naked, you are more of a body than a mind. Clothes give you a feeling that the body doesn’t exist – just the face, the head, the eyes.

Remain inside the body because that is the reality. Feel more and more.
For example, sometimes close your eyes and lie down on the earth… feel the earth with the body. Don’t think about it, feel it.

The mind is like a disease. It is a constant feverish state, a turmoil, a chaos. When it is gone you will feel so silent, and you will come in contact for the first time with your being. The mind is the barrier.

In fact one should be happy, because change is life. And if you can change moment to moment and you are always new and never old, you have defeated death. Then you have attained to eternal youth. This is what I call virginity… you have become virgin, and nothing can corrupt you. If you become addicted to the past, you are corrupted. So change, and always remain open for more change. Never close your doors and windows. Let all sorts of winds blow. Even if the house goes with them, let them blow.

Every face is beautiful. Every face is differently beautiful. If you yourself deny and reject, then you will become crippled and ugly. Now there is a vicious circle.
First you reject; you don’t accept – then you become ugly. Then others will start feeling the ugliness, and you will say ’Right, so that’s true.
And all its prophecies are bound to be fulfilled once you miss the first step. The first step is that you are you.
There is no criterion of beauty. One person is beautiful to someone and to another he is not.

If you don’t love yourself, then nobody can love you. So first, everybody has to fall in love with himself.
If you love yourself, if you are happy with yourself, you will attract many people. A woman who loves herself must be beautiful, has to be beautiful. She creates beauty out of her love for herself. She becomes a grace, a dignity.

The mind cannot be continuously in one focussed concentration. It tends to change… it wants novelty.
If you go on staring at your face for a long time, the mind is bored. It says ’Either you change the stimulus, or I am going to drop. I am not going to take it any more’. And you insist, so the mind simply drops. But that’s very beautiful. Enjoy that moment… it is very beautiful.

Chapter 19

Sometimes weakness of the body can be used in very very creative ways.
Osho went on to say that usually people abuse and waste their health and times of high energy, because they don’t know how to use it.
That’s why whenever a society is very healthy, rich, rooted, affluent, the young generation starts drifting.
If the society is poor, not healthy, not rich, and bread and butter is a great struggle, then the youth never drifts.

So this is my observation: that whenever people are ill, confined to bed, and they don’t have any energy to do any nonsense, any nuisance, and they cannot indulge, these moments can be used. These moments can become very meditative. So I will suggest to you to use this opportunity… and everything is an opportunity.
A great blessing can become a curse, and a curse can be transformed into a great blessing.

The mind raises a question because it is constantly trying to convert the unknown into the known; the unexplainable has to be reduced to some explanation. The mystery has to be dissolved and analysed, dissected.
Don’t live by knowledge, live by innocence. This is what Jesus means when he says be like a child. He has no explanation – he simply lives. Out of innocence you become more and more receptive to the unknown.

I want you to be completely free from explanations. And only then one is authentic.

Alone there is no drama. That’s why alone one feels lonely – because there is no drama, no excitement, no charge, no thrill. The other brings the thrill, the excitement, the misery and the happiness, the pain and the pleasure, both heaven and hell.

You cannot make a story out of pleasure only… it will be boring. The pain is needed – it gives flavour, the contrast. You cannot make a painting with one colour. There will be no painting… it will be just a canvas. At least two colours are needed; some contrast is needed.

There is no other responsibility… only one: to be true, authentic for that which is right now. Don’t be bothered about the past and the future.

As sex arises at the age of fourteen, religion arises at the age of forty-two.
Exactly at fourteen years, sex starts, at twenty eight it reaches its peak, and at forty-two sex recedes; the circle is complete. Suddenly sex disappears.

Chapter 20

Darkness is needed to see the stars. They are here and there in the day also… they don’t go anywhere, but you cannot see because darkness is not there; the background is not there. The right situation is not there. In the night as darkness descends, stars start appearing. They are already there, waiting for the darkness to come; darkness reveals them.

So first create misery, anguish, and then shift immediately towards happiness. It is just as if you have been feeling hungry and you have been fasting for a few days, and then suddenly delicious food is served to you.

So remember always the law of the contraries: if you want to enjoy food, fast. If you want to enjoy love, fast. If you want to enjoy relaxation, work. If you really want to be blissful, create hell. This is one thing….

And the other thing to be remembered: when you create something, you remain the master. When you can shift so easily from hell to heaven, suddenly you will have a tremendous power; you will feel it. Immediately you will feel, ’I am the master. I can shift from suffering to bliss very easily – just like changing a gear in a car.’

First do it in imagination, then some day try it in reality. Some day you are feeling miserable. Feel miserable – let that be the opportunity. Go deep… sink deep into it… Let it exhaust you. Then immediately change to happiness. First try it in imagination, because it is all imagination. When you are really suffering, then too it is imagination. So if you are capable of changing in imagination, you are capable of changing in reality also because reality is nothing but your imagination. You make it so, that’s why it is so. As a man thinketh, he creates the world.

The fight needs a very unconscious mind. If you are a little conscious, you cannot fight, because the whole thing seems to be absurd, destructive, helps nobody in any way. And by it you are not only destroying the other, you are destroying yourself, and you go on destroying all possibilities of a happy, harmonious relationship.

So next time be more aware. Whether it is anger, hatred, jealousy, possessiveness, a thousand and one things are there… but the real disease is one – unawareness. These are all facets of the same thing.

Just try to understand it. If you are miserly in your energy, then try to understand ’I am a miser in my energy. I don’t share’. Let this fact be there. Now move again in relationship, with people, and remember this fact. Let this fact be always there reminding you.
And do something which is not miserly – because these are habits. Just do something which is not miserly. Once you do something which is not miserly, you will say ’What foolishness I was doing!’

Chapter 21

courage comes easy when you are a fool. It is a problem for clever people – too calculating, intelligent; thinking what to do and what not to do; how much it is going to pay, how much it is not going to pay; what is the risk. They waste time. Be a fool !
Fools have achieved things which clever people have never been able to achieve.
foolishness has a wisdom of its own.

That is the only way to become extraordinary – just to be ordinary. And all those people who are after being extraordinary, are simply ordinary people.
An ambitious person is a destructive person, because his real motive is somewhere else.

Now there are very very rare people, accidents in fact, who somehow have survived from the calamity that civilisation is, who are still rooted and have a touch with the earth and who have their grounding, who can feel their feelings. Otherwise everybody just thinks. If you love, you think that you love – it is not direct. You don’t feel that you love; you think that you feel that you love.

Everybody is closed. Not that they don’t want to love. They are hankering for it. They are waiting for somebody to come and break their ice, but they are waiting… others are also waiting. Everybody is closed in his own monad-like life… windowless… waiting for somebody, a messiah, to come and open them.

The calculation is this: that if you don’t move towards anybody, nobody can reject you – so you will never be hurt. Right – you will never be hurt, but you can never be happy either. This is what is happening in the world. Everybody has become an island, and all bridges have been dropped. It is very easy to feel love in a group because everybody is open, but you will not find the world outside so open.

The group tried to be nude and vulnerable, and when one becomes vulnerable, others also gather courage. It is a cumulative phenomenon. That’s why it is easy in a group. It becomes easy… it becomes infectious. When you see that everybody is open and nobody is worried, nobody is hiding, nobody is seeking any sort of hypocrisy; everybody is so simple and innocent.

So look into each face deeply to find the real face, to find the original face. And never be deceived by deceptions. Whatsoever the outer shell, by-pass it, and tell the man ’You cannot deceive me. I know your real face. I know a god is hiding behind you, and I trust in your being a god. I don’t believe in all the nonsense you are imposing on yourself. And you will help him to become more and more open.
The more you help others to become open, the more and more open you will become.

Chapter 22

Just allow the energy and put yourself aside. That’s all that meditation is about – to put oneself aside, not to interfere. It takes much courage not to interfere, because the mind tends to interfere. It is a trespasser.

Love never dies through separation, never. If it dies at all, it dies through too much togetherness; never by separation. To be together too much is almost suffocating to love. That’s why husbands and wives kill love; they murder it. They are together so much that the very appetite disappears. Gaps are needed.
(in the East families are joint, with many people living together husbands and wives seldom had a moment together. During the day it was not possible, and at night they could only communicate in whispers. Hence, their love was kept alive.)

A little fast is needed between two meals. You have to fast for six, eight hours; the longer the better. The same is true for love, because love is also food. Whatsoever applies to food, applies to love. Love is the subtlest food.
You eat it, and it nourishes you. It gives you strength and life – so don’t take too much nourishment. Too much of everything is bad – and particularly sweet things (laughter). They create diabetes.
If you want to avoid divorce, always enjoy separating.

keep a thread in your hand. And whenever you have something which you feel has made you more alive, then make it a part of your being so that you don’t lose it again.