Always do something that the mind has not prepared, and this will be a very beautiful, a great adventure. This is what they call in Zen a ’spontaneous act’.

Chapter 15

there are many things that you learn only when you start teaching them. The best way to learn a thing is to teach it.
you grow more when you are less concerned about your own growth and more concerned with others’ growth.
Every human being carries on the same type of problem. So when you are helping somebody to resolve something, to decide something, to come out of a vague, confused state, to settle, to centre, to be rooted, grounded; whenever you are helping somebody, you become aware of many things about yourself.
Solving many problems of others, you are solving your own life, and by helping others, you are helped.

People who are negative are potentially very very powerful people, that’s why they go on wasting. They have too much and they don’t know what to do with their energies. So they are angry, they are sad, depressed, and this and that, and they create a lot of hell around themselves. The same energy can create a paradise around you. But it is a question of decision.

Q: I’ve been in silence for a couple of days and I liked it a lot. Should I keep it up?

Whenever you feel like coming out of it, come out immediately; don’t make it an enforced thing. Many things lose their beauty the moment you enforce them. They are beautiful if they are just happening, but if you enforce them, the beauty is lost.

The greatest religious revolution happens when you start sharing your innermost riches with people. Whatsoever you attain to in your silence, come out of it and share with people.

One goal from another is just an excuse for the journey. Goals exist for the journey, mm? People ordinarily think that the journey exists for the goal – no. Goals exist for the journey – just excuses so that one can go on journeying.

Chapter 16

Q: To a sannyasin who had said he was studying history in the West, but didn’t like it.

Ninety-nine percent of history concerns foolish politicians. It is not the real past; it is the political past.
all that is beautiful remains unrecorded.
the real history has not been started. It remains for the future.
A Buddha is worth recording. One should know as much as one can know about him, because knowing about him is going to be, in a way, knowing about yourself.
Study anything that gives more love, that makes people more loving.

An awareness of whatsoever you are doing: Be fully alert about doing it. Do not force it.

Discipline is a sort of learning. There is nothing to force in it, but a simple awareness that life is a tremendous opportunity to learn. In each moment one has to go on learning. No moment should be missed.

if you can be alert in your ordinary day-to-day life, a discipline will come on its own, and it will be beautiful because it will not divide you.

Jesus goes on saying to his disciples ’Be alert, awake! Don’t fall asleep!’ But they go on falling asleep, because to remain alert, tremendous energy is needed. Rarely in your life do you become aware.

there is no need to depend on artificial things.
They are just like depending on LSD or marijuana – artificial. There is no need to drive your car madly, at such a speed that danger is there every moment. There is no need – because you can walk slowly and attain to that awareness.
Once you attain to that awareness, you live. You live on the Everest of being. And then a discipline arises of its own accord. Not that you bring it; it happens. It is not your doing.

the first thing to remember is your own feeling. Whatsoever you want to do, do, but do it in such a way that nobody is harmed; nobody is pained unnecessarily. Manage it in such a way. It is a great art – to do your thing without being cruel to others. There is no need to be cruel.

Do your thing, but there is no need to cause any misery for anybody. Avoid that as much as you can. It is good… it pays. Because once you start causing misery to other people, they will start causing misery to you. In the long run it is not going to help you, and it is not going to help you to do your thing, because we are related.

That’s the whole art of being with people. You are different, they are different, but we still depend on each other.
only a person who is deeply contented with himself can feel for others and can help others also to be contented.
once you are doing your own thing, you are so happy that your happiness goes on spreading around, ripples go on all around. And in your happiness you become helpful.
I teach selfishness, but if you are really selfish you will be altruistic.

Life is a game. If you want to be happy and you want that others should be happy, you have to learn the gamesmanship. One has to be very skillful. All other games are nothing before this big game of life.

If one person simply is not cooperating, goes astray, he will destroy the whole orchestra. Life is an orchestra.

Just think of yourself as alone, left on the earth, everybody gone. nobody is going to hinder you – the government, the society, friends, enemies, the lover, parents – nobody at all. Just completely free. But what will you do? Nothing is left to do now. You will simply throw away your instrument and commit suicide.

Scientists say that even animals have a certain boundary around them.
Each animal has its own necessary space in which he can bloom and flower and be. Man has completely forgotten it.
Just look in crowded trains, a local train – so many people standing. Just watch people’s faces… everybody will look like a closed thing. Even if a person is standing just by the side of someone else, even if the bodies are touching, they are not touching. The touch is not even human… no warmth.

Buddha is absolutely in favour of spontaneous breathing. No effort should enter… not even a slight manipulation – because if you manipulate it, you have already become a doer. And the whole thing is to remain a witness.

Q: Osho went on to say that unlike any other structure inside the body, breathing is the only thing that can be voluntary or non-voluntary; it is just in between.

Yoga breathing is doing something – pranayama – a certain rhythm to be created.
You can have better health if you can control your breathing, because by controlling your breathing, you start controlling your vital energy.

If you inhale more, deeply, long, and exhale fast, you will have a different proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide. If you inhale sharply and exhale slowly, you will have a different proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide. In fact you can create almost LSD-like states through breathing. That’s why Krishnamurti is against it. He says it is the same – pranayama is the same as marijuana, because marijuana is changing your body chemistry.

Buddha has been from the very beginning against manipulation, because through manipulation you can change the chemistry. It is nothing spiritual.

Q: Osho went on to describe how even just watching the breathing, subtle changes can start happening, so that it is an art to be learned – how to watch and yet not interfere – and that is what Vipassana is about. It is difficult not to manipulate because the ego wants to do something.

And when the breathing is perfectly natural, goes on its own, comes on its own, and you are just a watcher, a moment comes when you suddenly feel that it is not you who is breathing. You are not doing anything, so how can you say ’I am breathing’? You simply feel as if you are breathed.
That’s what one sufi mystic, Mansoor, has said – ’I suddenly saw that God is breathing me!’ And after that he declared ’I am God’ – ’Ana-el-Haqq!’ That became the crime, and he was murdered by mohammedans.
You are breathed through. You become just a vast space in which God breathes in and breathes out.

Chapter 17

Sadness can become a very very enriching experience. You have to work on it. It is easy to escape from your sadness – and all relationships ordinarily are escapes; one simply goes on avoiding it.
It is your loneliness, your own sadness. You have not settled with it yet, so it will erupt again and again.

Every man is born alone – in the world, but alone; comes through the parents, but alone. And every man dies alone, again moves out of the world alone. And between these two lonelinesses we go on deceiving and befooling ourselves. It is good to take courage and enter into this loneliness. Howsoever hard and difficult it may look in the beginning, it pays tremendously. Once you settle with it, once you start enjoying it, once you feel it not as sadness but as silence, once you understand that there is no way to escape, you relax.