Chapter 10

I am not teaching you to suppress anything, but rather to drop things that have become meaningless. When you suppress a thing it becomes meaningful; it becomes even more meaningful, more significant.
Whatsoever you repress remains inside, moves into the unconscious, and goes deeper in fact than it was before.

I am not teaching you to suppress anything. I am teaching you to become more and more aware, so that in your awareness many things become useless, meaningless, rotten – and they drop on their own.
If they don’t drop on their own, there is no need to drop them.

if you feel attracted towards something, do it, and do it without any guilt.
there is no way to be finished with it other than to experience it.
You will see that it was futile. Going into it you will see that there is nothing to it.

The more you repress, the more meaningful things become.
never say no to anything.
let things drop.

Rather than going out, travel inwards. Close your eyes more, and become more silent and more settled. Rather than activity, feel more inactive, passive… relaxed. Emphasize being rather than doing.

Listen to the heart, and whatsoever is there, bring it out. Soon you will become efficient in bringing it and you will enjoy it. And once you know how to be true, it is so beautiful that you will never settle for being false.

Be true to yourself – there is no other responsibility. One has to be responsible towards one’s being.

The effort is not how to destroy the mind, but how to become master of it.
don’t be against it.
No-mind is total mindfulness. It is having so much awareness that the mind cannot disturb it.
it is such a good slave. It goes on accumulating so many facts and is always ready to supply you whenever you need.

Love has become such a rare thing in the world that nobody understands it.
Nobody can believe that love can be simply for no reason at all. They think that there must be some motivation.
They think according to their own minds. They use love as a means.

If you have to give love, give it – with no strings attached, not even that it should be understood. You simply enjoy it.

Chapter 11

don’t be worried. The mind goes on imagining things, and ninety-nine percent never happen and that one percent that happens is always good.
Everything is self-fulfilling. If you doubt, your doubt will fulfill itself. If you trust, your trust will fulfill itself.
never for a single moment distrust life. Life is beneficial… it is a blessing, a benediction.

Discovering oneself is not like discovering a thing. It is not something ready-made somewhere, and you open the box and it is there. Discovery is a creation. You have to create it, only then you discover it. So be creative. If you feel like serving people through acupuncture, perfectly good. That will be a self-discovery.

You cannot know yourself unless you accept the challenges of life.
face many situations, encounter many problems.
The search is a process dynamic.
Many people have the wrong notion – as if the self is there and you just put the curtain aside and you will find it.
It is not there; you have to create it continuously.
When you create a piece of sculpture, it is not only the piece that is born, but the creator inside you is also born.

When a child is born to a woman, the birth is double-edged. Something else is also simultaneously coming into being – that is the motherhood of the woman. If the woman wants to discover her motherhood, it is impossible without giving birth to a child.

So self-discovery is a process of self-creation. Each day you will come to yourself again and again, in new ways, in new nuances, new shades of being.

don’t go on continuously thinking and wavering, because that time is lost. Do something.
There are people I know who have been waiting their whole lives, but the decision just hasn’t come. They have postponed for tomorrow… tomorrow… and that tomorrow never comes.

if you can find a living master, forget all about scriptures. The living master is the only scripture which is alive. Read his heart and allow your heart to be read by him. Be in a communion.

if you close the door against the enemy, it is also closed against the friend. You will not be harmed but you will not be blissful either.

And that’s how humanity has become petrified. We are afraid of hate, so we have become closed for love. We are afraid of death, so we have become closed for life. If you open the door, it is open to both death and life, because death and life are not really two. They are two aspects of the same coin So when you open to God, you are open to the devil also. And when you are open to light, you are open to darkness also.

If you choose, and if you insist that you would like only to be open to light, you will remain closed.

If the fear is there, go into it. If you are afraid of the cemetery, go and sit there and meditate; and soon it will disappear, because only experience can be of any help.
So if you are afraid of surrender, surrender.
Jump into it and see what happens.

The feeling of goodness is so infinite that when you call it good you have already made it mediocre. When you feel for somebody, to say ’I love you’ is to make it profane. You have already made it rotten. The word corrupts.

Just show it by your full being. Enjoy it. Let the other feel it.

That’s why Lao Tzu says ’The Tao that can be said is no more Tao’. The truth that can be said is already untrue.

soon you will have the understanding when bodily sex will become almost meaningless. That is one of the most beautiful states.
I’m not against sex, but there is a point of transcendence.
the energy is going so high that it is difficult to bring it to the biological level.

it will be good if you mix with women.
The world has been made in such a way that it is almost homosexual. Men’s clubs are only for men. Monks live in one monastery where no woman is allowed.

I am not against service, but service is secondary. One should become centred first, otherwise it can be a distraction and can become anti-growth.

Chapter 12

Geetanjali means offering God your songs.
It is the name of one of the most famous books in India. Have you heard the name of Rabindranath Tagore? He is the only nobel-prize-winning indian poet, and it was for this book ’Geetanjali’ that he was given the nobel prize. Read the book… you will love it. It is one of the very rare books.

if your day to day life is completely settled and a harmony is running, then you have much energy free to do something else. If you change everyday, ordinary things, your whole energy will be wasted there.

In the human mind there is a part which works as a robot.
You need not interfere; you need not think about it – it goes on doing.

So it looks paradoxical, but a creative person is almost robot-like, so that his ordinary day to day life takes no energy from him. He is completely free to paint, to write poetries, to dance, to sing.

If you don’t want to be creative, then live haphazardly. One day go to sleep in the morning, another day go to sleep at midnight. One day eat your food in the morning, another in the afternoon, another in the night; create confusion and chaos within you. You may think that you are changing many things and are living such an original life, but your whole energy will be wasted. Nothing great can come out of such a wastage of energy. If you really want something to evolve out of your being, have a very very smooth-running life.

Ultimately nature wins, so always remain true to your nature.

To relate with somebody is one of the greatest arts. Nobody is born with it. We are born with a desire to relate, not with the art of how to do it. And everybody has taken it for granted that he knows how to relate – that’s the problem.

A relationship is always very very difficult because the other person is another world, and between two worlds there exists no common language. In fact there is continuous clash. The closer you come, the more and more clashes will be there. Far away, everything goes well because the clash is not possible. For a clash to happen, you have to come close. When you come close, problems arise.

Don’t do anything which is not natural to you, that’s all – and by and by you will learn.
If you do something unnatural, learning stops. In fact now, people who have been studying children say that children stop learning the day they go to school. At the age of four or five, when children are forced to go to school, their learning stops. We send them to learn, and that very day their learning stops!

When the mind is filled with emotion, the body must correspond to it; emotion must be parallel with the body motion.
In Hindi it cannot be translated, there is no parallel word, because for at least five thousand years in India no woman has ever achieved orgasm.
Just think how the body has been crippled! So when you feel fear the body has to tremble. It is just as if the wind is blowing and the leaves are trembling.
When the fear is blowing, your body has to tremble. That’s the natural function of the body – to move with the emotion. The word emotion means movement.

So this is a trick of controlling the emotion: if you control the body, emotion will be controlled. For example if tears are coming in the eyes and you force them not to come, in that very effort you will see that crying and weeping have disappeared inside.

Ordinarily we think that a man feels afraid and then he runs in fear. James and Lange proved that just the reverse is the case: a man runs, that’s why he feels afraid. And they said that if you stop running, fear will stop; don’t run, and suddenly you will see that the fear has disappeared. And they are right in a way, fifty percent right – because body and mind are fifty-fifty, and they balance. When you make love, your mind starts creating a fantasy and your body starts moving. If both are running naturally they will function together. If somehow the body has been crippled they will not run together.

So whether you feel fear or you feel love or you feel prayer, the body has to move with it. Each emotion has to be corresponded to with the body.
if you really make love you will be in a sort of madness and you will not know where you are going and what is happening. It will be almost as if you are stoned, drugged.
Love is the greatest drug there is.
Then each love is so satisfying that there is no need to repeat the experience daily. People are repeating too much what they call love-making, because they are never satisfied.

because many times you will again and again forget, because the old habit persists and one starts swimming again. Whenever you catch hold of yourself, red-handed, again swimming, immediately relax. Remind yourself and start floating. Let-go is the only way.

Chapter 13

Marpa is one of the greatest tibetan mystics… one of the rare geniuses. You cannot count more than ten of his equal in the whole world. Read his life, teachings, and everything about him.

Milarepa. That is another tibetan mystic. Read him – all the books are translated into English – particularly his ’A Thousand Songs of Milarepa’; they are tremendously beautiful.

Man is a wanderer. If you create too much trouble, it is very easy for a man to escape from you. In fact he will be thankful to you that you created so much trouble that he escaped; you created the situation and forced him to escape! Man is a wanderer; he would like to move to another woman.

In the beginning, lovers look into each other’s eyes. That cannot continue forever. The day has to come when they look towards the moon together. Meeting at first is like meeting each other directly. By and by you meet each other indirectly.

his commitments are your commitments. His successes are your successes; his failures, your failures. This is something which has gone completely out of fashion in the West, but in the East for thousands of years, men and women have been thinking this way. The moment you love each other, you drop your barriers, defences, and you become responsible for the other also.

people who are very delicate on the inside have to be tough on the outside otherwise everybody will exploit them, and sooner or later in life they learn it.
If you can get an entry into a person who is very tough on the outside, you will find him one of the most delicate persons.
the toughness will become a grave. He must have some holes from where he gets air. So don’t be worried about his toughness – that must just be his facade. Tough people are beautiful people, if you can enter them.

There are two types of people. One type goes on working continuously. His production may not be of great quality, but it is constant.
He is the worker, the production manager, the producer,
The second type has been always facing that trouble – a Picasso, a Van Gogh. One day they produce something tremendously madly – they will not sleep, they will not eat. They will go on and on for weeks. Then for weeks nothing is coming and they will lie down and be lazy.

When I say be spontaneous, I don’t mean let it be chaotic. I mean let it move by feel, not by thought.

If somebody who does not know how to play an instrument plays it spontaneously, it is going to be different from one who knows. Both will be spontaneous, but the one who knows, his knowledge, his training, his experience, will be used by the unconscious, and it will have a beauty of its own. One who does not know will be simply making a noise… it cannot be music.

Chapter 14

Start living from this moment as if you are blissful. don’t try to achieve it – rather feel that it is achieved, and now you have just to live it. Once you know that you have to live it, suddenly it starts flowing.
Bliss is something which we bring with our birth. We have forgotten the language, so the language has to be learned and this ’as if’ is the language.

People never know their potentialities unless they try.

I have never come across any human being who is ordinary. They may live ordinary… they may die ordinary. They may never come to know what treasures they were carrying within – that’s another thing.
Everybody is unique and extraordinary… and nobody actualises his potentialities. At the most we potentialise five percent. Ninety-five percent of our treasures remain untouched.

whenever you are helping somebody else, you are helping yourself in a subtle way, because these problems are your problems also. In each human problem you will have the reflection of your own problem.

Live the emptiness… because whatsoever you do can never be greater than you. Whatsoever the mind is going to do is going to be part of the mind.
Once you start feeling empty there is no need to do anything on your own. Let emptiness be lived, and things start happening. Not that you do them – they happen.

Emptiness is hard in the beginning, because one starts feeling a little depressed, sad, with nothing to do. For the whole life we have been occupied with this and that, improving ourselves, reaching for, achieving, some goal… excitement, misery, failure, success – but one is occupied. Then suddenly one feels emptiness settling – nothing to do, nowhere to go, nowhere to hide; no ambition that can give one excitement and can create fever. So one feels a little lost, a little sad – as if one has already died.

So in the beginning emptiness looks negative. It is not. Emptiness is the most positive thing there is. The whole has come out of the emptiness… the whole has come out of nothingness. We are born out of emptiness, and we move again into emptiness.
The whole effort of meditation is how to feel this emptiness, how to become alert and live it consciously.

Let the experience be ontological: not on the past experience, not comparative to anything else, but on its own existence, its own experience. Experience it. Let it reveal its nature to you. Cherish it…

The experience grows, and one day you will see that this is the most positive thing that has ever happened to you, or can ever happen to any human being, because out of this nothingness you will see millions of things happening.
ou need not pull the grass up to help it grow; it grows by itself. Then life is no longer a burden… Life is just a play.

There is no direct way to rest, because if you do anything to get rest, you will get more restless. If you try to become peaceful, your very effort will be the disturbance. Nobody can become peaceful, because the very idea to become peaceful belongs to a non-understanding mind. The very desire to be peaceful shows that you are deeply disturbed.

Try to understand yourself. Try to understand what you are doing to your life. Try to understand why you are missing peace, why you are missing rest. You must be doing something which goes against it.
Once you understand – that this is what you are doing to disturb your peace – then it is up to you. If you want to disturb, disturb. But the solution has to be looked for in the direction of understanding.

Do everything with more alertness – not hard. There is nobody that you have to prove something to.

You create such a distance between you and your emotions that you don’t feel. You start to only think about them; you don’t exactly feel them.

if you can remain celibate for six months, it will give you an integrity and awareness.
Mechanical sex can never lead you towards love.
Just think about it: you have been having sex all your life, and what have you attained? And just by not having it for six months, what were you going to lose? One should be a little alert and aware, and one should meditate about things. The mind goes on insisting on its own habits, and then you go on losing opportunities.

Sometimes very small things change you tremendously. Just not having sex for six months is nothing.

Life has to be lived on two polarities. Sometimes one should go into oneself so deeply that the whole world disappears – as if you are alone and nobody else exists. You become Adam or Eve. Alone… absolutely virgin. So alone that nobody can disturb or corrupt… incorruptible, innocent.
Then comes back into the world with fresh eyes and fresh energy… flowing. Moves with people, loves people, lives with people, enjoys, dances, gets into many ecstasies of life.

All spending is with people. One earns alone, one spends with people.

It is easy to live with people and forget the inner core. The opposite is also easy – to live in the inner centre and forget the world.
A perfect life has to be lived on both the polarities.