That can happen within you. You need not go anywhere.

Kabir will tell you the truth:

They don't mean that this world is unreal -- they simply mean that unless you drop all your dreams you will be creating a world of your own, you will be projecting a world of your own. The real world will function only as a screen and you will project your dreams on it. You will never see the real world. The real world is God, but you will go on projecting your own dreams, and you will live in maya, in illusion.

Mind is illusion, not the world.

'Repent' has nothing to do with repentance. 'Repent' means: Turn in! Return back! Come to the source of your being! Come to the very core of your being!

in meditation dreaming stops -- that's what meditation is all about: stopping of the dreaming mind. No dreams, no thoughts -- a total silence. Nothing stirs. Absolute stillness. Not even a ripple. No content. Pure consciousness. Just the mirror… in that mirroring, you are real and whatso-ever you see is real. In fact, the seer and the seen are no more two: in that tremendous moment, the observer is the observed, the seer is the seen, the knower is the known. The distinction between the subject and the object disappears. That's what is called 'God-realization'.

Go in! Turn in! Find out who you are!

God understands only one language. It is not German, it is not English, it is not Hindi, it is not Sanskrit, it is not Arabic, it is not Greek. God understands only one language: the language of silence.

You can go on doing rituals, but if your heart is full of violence. if you have a loaded gun in the heart… and that's what the case is.
Religions have been a calamity to the world, not a blessing, a curse, not a benediction. More people have been killed, butchered, murdered, raped, in the name of religion than in any other name.
Prayer is on the lips, and a loaded gun in the heart. Unless your inner violence disappears, you cannot be prayerful.

And why is there inner violence? Because there is competition: everybody is trying to outdo others; everybody is trying to go ahead of others. That's what you have been taught: to be ambitious. Ambition is the root cause of all violence, and ALL your education is that of ambition: "Be the first! Attain to the gold medal!" And then your whole life you are trying to be the first, to become the prime minister or the president.

The ambitious person cannot turn in; it is impossible. The competitive person cannot turn in; he is always looking at the other, he is always at war. How can he be loving? How can he be meditative?


Mind is being seen, then who is the seer? It is the heart.


You will see what your thoughts allow you to see. Your thoughts prevent much reaching you.

function from the state of not knowing. If you know you will distort -- knowledge is mind. The state of not knowing means you have put the mind aside; now your eyes are without dust, your mirror is clean. It will reflect! It will reflect that which is.

Your knowledge simply hides your ignorance and destroys your capacity to be mystified. Knowledge is destructive of mysticism.

You pass through a miraculous world, dull, dead, dragging. This world is nothing but miracles and miracles, and each moment they are happening. And not in a miserly way is the existence miraculous -- it is overflowing with miracles! But you have to be again a little child, you have to be again innocent.


on the contrary, it is a question of remembering yourself.
Ego exists because you have forgotten yourself, because you don't remember who you are.
Not knowing the reality of your being, you have to create a false substitute.
What is the ego? Ego is the false substitute that you have created for the self. It is not your self, but it is very difficult to live without a self -- it will be almost impossible to live without a self some kind of self is needed, is a must; otherwise, how will you keep yourself together? You will start falling apart.

Even if the center is false, it helps you. Even a false center keeps you at least somehow together. You have forgotten yourself -- hence you need the ego.
If you remember yourself, there will be no need for the ego.

It is like your name: when you were born, you did not come with a name. Then somebody -- your mother, your father, your family -- started calling you 'Eva'. Some name is needed to call you by; it is utilitarian.

the name is for others to call you by, but you need something to call yourself by too -- that's what the ego is: I.

You have to become more aware and alert, you have to wake up. You have to see who you are, not what has been told to you.

You will have to go inside your being to the very innermost core and see who you are. In that very seeing, in that very remembering, the ego disappears.When the light comes, the darkness disappears; when the real self is remembered, the unreal is no more needed. And it is not that you have to drop it: it is simply not found.

People say, "I am breathing." Just look at the absurdity of it.
You are not breathing; breathing is not your activity, it is not your doing -- it IS happening.
You say, "I love."
You cannot love; you cannot not love. Love is a happening, not a doing. Either it happens or it doesn't happen. If you try, then it will be something false, then it will not be love at all -- then it will only be acting.

Watch the ego, and don't feed it. It dies if you don't feed it. If you stop feeding it, it starves to death.

And the second thing is: become more aware. Walking, walk with awareness; listening, listen with total awareness -- not in a kind of sleep, not so-so, not lukewarm. Talking, talk with awareness.Whatsoever you are doing, let your whole life be coloured by awareness. And slowly slowly that awareness will bring you a vision of your real self.

So this is a double attack on the ego. First, don't feed it; second, become more aware -- so the ego disappears by starvation and the self appears by being aware. And once the clouds of ego are no more there, the self rises like a sun. And that self has nothing to do with your 'I'. Still the word will be used. I use it, Jesus uses it, Buddha uses it -- it has to be used, but now it has a totally different meaning.

When the being is transformed, everything is transformed.


The lonely person starts eating too much; The lonely person starts taking alcohol or other drugs; The lonely person sits before his TV glued to the chair.

People have forgotten how to reach the other; people have become parallel lines, running very close but meeting nowhere. Even husbands and wives, even friends, even so-called lovers, are parallel lines never meeting anywhere.

You can have the biggest house in the world and still you will be as lonely in it as you were in your small cottage. It is not going to make any difference -- possessions cannot change your inner loneliness.

Relationship grows only out of overflowing energies, never out of needs. If one person is needy and the other is also needy, then both will try to exploit the other.

First they used to be lonely separately, now they are lonely together -- which hurts even more. Just see a husband and a wife sitting in the room, both lonely. On the surface together, deep down lonely. The husband lost in his own loneliness, the wife lost in her own loneliness. The saddest thing in the world is to see two lovers, a couple, and both lonely -- the saddest thing in the world!

Aloneness is totally different. Aloneness is a flower, a lotus blooming in your heart. Aloneness is positive, aloneness is health. It is the joy of being yourself. It is the joy of having your own space.

Only love fulfills you so deeply that you are no more in need of the other -- you can be alone.
Love becomes the contrast: love and aloneness are two polarities of one energy.
When alone, one gathers energy. Energy is life and energy is delight.
When alone, the great desire to share will arise.
The joy is bigger than you, it cannot be contained by you. It is a flood! You cannot contain it; you have to seek and search for people to share it with.

Those are two aspects of the same coin.
Aloneness means moving in, love means moving out.
Aloneness is the breath going in, love is the breath going out.
Breathing is a total process, the in-coming breath is as much essential as the out- going breath.