What is Meditation ?

It is not a doing. It is not an act.
It is a happening.
You create the situation in which it happens. To be totally receptive.

One must not borrow from anybody else - even from his own past. One must live moment to moment, and live in such an open way - that ever thing the comes to him, becomes the knowing.
Everything which is innocently spontaneous, becomes meditative.

Past and future are human creation, the meditative mind lives in the now.

What is Yoga and Who is a Yogi ?

A Yogi is a person who lives meditatively, eats meditatively, baths meditatively, sleeps meditatively. He lives in the moment.

Meditation is to take living as a Leela, as a play, without any end, without any purpose. Nothing is to be achieved because everything that is possible is in the present.

Yoga is the method, not of meditation, but of creating situation in which the happening of meditation comes in.

No one can follow anybody, because the moment you follow, you cannot become a Yogi. Following means longing for security.

Everyone has to search in total loneliness and in totally dark realms. But the very search becomes the light.

Nothing is to be done, because every doing is an occupation to forget this loneliness.
You must be deeply in aloneness, you must remain in it. You must live with it.

A Yogi is a person who is meditative inwards, and compassionate outwards.

The waiting must go on every moment because any moment can be the moment of coming.
If you are sure, then the certainty has killed the waiting.

Authenticity comes through individuality.

  1. Breath heavily and fast for 10 min
  2. Let your body do what it wants to do (10 min)
  3. Repeat without interruprion "Who am I ?" (10 min)