Remember this: if your search is not leading you toward more and more blissful states, where you can sing and dance, then something is wrong – then something is absolutely wrong.
Your blissfulness – your singing and dancing – is the indicator.
It need not be extrovert: you need not sing so that others can hear it, but you will hear the singing continuously, there within you. If you like, you can sing and share, but there will be a dance inside you. The nearer you come to home, the happier you feel. Happiness is a quality of energy returning toward home.

That’s how millions have joined Buddha, Jesus, Krishna – their song, their blissfulness, their ecstasy is infectious. Once you hear, you cannot do anything but join. That’s why people are afraid to hear. People are afraid to come in contact with somebody who can change their direction, their life. They avoid them. They convince themselves that there is nothing to go for. But their argument is nothing but a rationalization of a deep, hidden fear.

But then you will have to allow somebody who has come to know to touch your heart and to give a rhythm to your heart; you will have to allow him so that he can share his harmony with you.

Just by being in the presence of an enlightened man, tremendous possibilities open, your potentiality starts functioning, working. You can feel the hum, the humming sound of the newness that comes to you. It is a sharing of a song, a sharing of a dance, a sharing of celebration.

Remember this, let it be the criterion: if you are here with me and you become sad and long-faced and serious, then something is wrong. You have misunderstood me; your mind has misinterpreted me.
If you are really here, vulnerable to me, open, then by and by you will see a song is bursting in you. You will feel that walking is no longer just walking – it is getting the quality of dance. The heart is not simply pumping the blood – now it is beating in harmony. You will feel the orchestra of life in you. Then you are on the right path. Then you have not misinterpreted me; then you have been imbibing me.

Just a simple gesture that you are no longer resisting me, that you will not fight with me, that you are not going to waste time fighting, that you drop all defense measures. That is the meaning of sannyas – that you are getting ready for satsang, that now I can shower on you and you will be ready to receive. It simply shows your receptivity.

As you are, you cannot find truth. As you are, you can find only the untrue. It is not a question of seeking and searching, it is a question of your consciousness.
If you are untrue, how can you find truth? Once you become true, you find truth. Truth happens to those people who have become authentically true themselves.
If you are false, you will meet with falsity wherever you go because, in fact, it is not a question of the objective world, it is a question of your own subjectivity.
You create your world. You are your world. So if you are wrong, you create a wrong world around you. If you are false, then you create a world of lies around you, you project your own world. So don’t be angry at the world. Whatever world you have, you have earned it. You deserve it. The world is nothing but your own magnified mind.

Somebody asked Buddha once, “What is truth?” and he said, “Whatsoever an enlightened person is doing is true.”
Somebody asked Mahavira, “Who is a real saint?” and Mahavira said, “Whosoever has become awakened.”

It is not a question of acts. What you do does not matter – it is what you are. Ordinarily people think that though they are false, they can still do a few good things. That’s not possible. They know that they are ignorant, but still they think that something, a few fragments of life, can be transformed, “At least that much we should do.” But nothing is possible. You cannot do a few good things – it is impossible. It is not a question of what you do, it is a question of your being. If you are wrong, all that you do is wrong. Whatever the appearance, all that you do is wrong. You cannot do a right thing if you are not right in the first place. And if you are right in the first place, you cannot do anything wrong – whatsoever the appearance.

Eastern attitude depends on being and the whole Western attitude depends on doing.
If you are awakened, it is impossible to do anything wrong. Even if it appears to be wrong, even if the society decides it is wrong, the society is at fault because out of an awakened heart it is impossible for any wrong to arise.

When doing becomes more important, you lose all contact with your being, you lose all contact with the source of life. Then you go on doing a thousand and one things – except the most essential.
The most essential is to know oneself, and you cannot know yourself unless you shift your whole consciousness from doing to being.

Who are you?
If you drop the ideas of being a doctor, engineer, a professor, then suddenly you will become aware of a certain emptiness within you. You don’t know who you are. What type of life is this in which you are not even aware of who you are?
Who is this dreamer? Who is this consciousness on which dreams come, flow and go?

Diamondness is given by the mind to the stone – it was never there. Once humanity disappears from this earth, things will be here but in a totally different way. A roseflower will be as ordinary a flower as any flower; there will be no difference. The Ganges will not be a holy river; it will be as ordinary a river as any other. There will be no difference between a church and a temple; they will both be just the same.
The differences are brought by the mind. Categories are created by the mind. Appreciation and condemnation are of the mind. Once the mind is not there, everything is in its reality as it is. No evaluation arises.

The night Buddha achieved enlightenment, he sat under the tree and he said: “I will not rise from this tree again in my life, if I don’t attain enlightenment. Finished!” He said, “I am finished with doing anything for it. I am going to sit here; this tree is going to become my death.” A total decision. At that moment he dropped his decidophobia completely – a total decision. Meditate on this! That very night, by the morning he became enlightened.

Your desire should become so intense that you put all that you have at stake. The passion to seek should be so total that not a single doubt is allowed to make you waver. The very intensity will bring truth. It can happen in a single moment! You just need to become a total intensity of inner fire.
The decision should be total. It is arduous, of course, but everybody has to pass through that arduousness once. One has to pay for truth, and there is no other way to pay for it: you have to put your whole being on the altar. That is the only sacrifice that is needed.

If your intensity is total, the struggle is over. If you are really interested in seeking the bull, then don’t go on working for it half-heartedly. Either seek it, or don’t seek it because a lukewarm search is not going to help; it is a sheer waste of energy. If you want to seek, then put yourself totally into seeking. If you don’t want to seek the bull, forget all about it. Go into the world totally. Some other day will be the right moment for the search to begin.
If you are not ready to put yourself completely in the search, to get involved with your whole heart, that simply shows that you are not yet finished with the world. The world still attracts you; desires still go on haunting you. You would still like to become a rich man, a powerful man, a president, or something like that. Greed is still hiding inside you. You still have not come to that moment of awareness where you realize that the real treasure is within you and not without. Then go into the outside world. Don’t be half-and-half; that is the most dangerous situation.

If you are half religious and half worldly, you will miss both. You will not be able to cope with the world; your religion will become an interference. And you will not be able to cope with the inner search because your worldly desires will continuously distract you. There is no need! If the world still attracts you, if you still feel that there is something which has to be attained, then go, and get frustrated completely. You will get frustrated. It simply means that you need a little more wandering, going astray. Nothing is wrong in it – go fast! Go totally, so you are finished sooner. Then you are ripe. Then your whole energy will turn inward. Frustrated with the without, your energy will go inward spontaneously.
But people are cunning. They want to have both worlds – they want to have the cake and eat it too. They are trying to be clever, and this cleverness is going to prove their stupidity. This cleverness is not intelligence – half-heartedly, nothing is attained. All attainment needs intensity, total intensity.

When the struggle is over, then one understands that everything was right. Gain and loss, both are assimilated. Going astray was also part of your growth, and going into the world was also part of your search for God. It was needed! So when I say go into the world, I don’t say it in any condemnatory sense. I simply say that it is needed. Be finished with it! You are not yet ripe. If you try half-heartedly to come to your inner source, it is going to be suppression. And suppression divides, makes you ill.

Any suppressed desire is going to assert itself; it will find a way to assert itself. Never suppress a desire. Understand, but never suppress. Be aware, but never suppress. Desires are great lessons – if you suppress them, you will miss the lesson. Live in them. Live them consciously. Understand them, why they are there, what they are. And when I say understand them, the understanding is possible only if you don’t condemn them. If you already condemn them, then you cannot understand them. Be neutral: don’t decide what is wrong and what is right. Just observe.

When anger arises, don’t say it is bad. In fact, don’t call it anger because in the very word anger a condemnation has entered. Simply close your eyes, say x, y, z, anything – that x is arising. Just feel the difference when you say anger is arising and when you say x is arising. Immediately there is a difference. With x you have no pro or con; with x you are neither in favor nor against. With x you are unprejudiced. With anger you are prejudiced – centuries of conditioning that anger is bad.

Just look at it, observe it, watch it. Anger is also energy – maybe not moving in the right direction, but still the energy is there, part of the bull. Watch it. Observe it. And just by watching and observing, you will see the energy being transformed. Observation is alchemical. It changes the energy, the quality of it. Soon you will see: the same energy that was going to be anger has transformed into compassion. Compassion is hidden in anger as the tree is hidden in the seed – but going deep, insight is needed.

One becomes like a child – simple, innocent, happy in small things.
The old world calls me back. The old desires call me back. The old patterns call me back. But now it doesn’t matter; I am moving toward the real treasure. So delusions cannot attract me any longer, and everything has become beautiful – the clouds in the sky, and the song of the woodsman.
The real saint becomes like a small child – simple, almost like an idiot. Saint Francis used to call himself the fool of God. Lao Tzu says: The whole world is clever except me. I am an idiot.
One becomes like a small child – with no logic; tremendously alive, but not hung up in the head. Energy becomes a flow; now there are no blocks, nothing is frozen, and the boundaries merge. Then one is not separate from the whole, but simple, like woodsmen and their simple song. Life becomes a simple song, and life becomes innocence.
Once you know what life is, tremendous beauty arises in your being. Everything becomes luminous, illumined with God. Each stone becomes a sermon. Each silence becomes a song. One feels the benediction constantly being showered upon oneself.

Chapter 07 – Forget the Words

Osho, For some years I have been keeping a journal to record my ideas

…thoughts, feelings, spaces. Lately, though, I open the book and just stare at the blank page or draw little pictures. Much seems to be happening yet nothing seems to be happening. The words just don't seem to come the way they used to.

One should be happy, one should feel blessed, if instead of words silence starts coming to you. These are the gaps, the intervals. So don’t be worried about the words that are not coming which used to come. Something else tremendously valuable is coming to you. You have not yet recognized it. Pure space is coming to you. Empty space is coming to you. Nothingness is coming to you, and God appears only out of this nothingness. Only out of this nothingness is truth encountered. Forget about the words. Just wait! Look at the blank page – a blank page has much more on it than any written page can ever have.

Even better is to sit facing the wall and look at the blank wall.
That’s what Bodhidharma did for nine years. He became enlightened by just facing a wall. That was his mantra and meditation. That was all that he did. It is not doing at all. He did nothing; he simply sat facing the wall. Just think! If you sit facing a wall for nine years, you will become as blank as the wall. By and by thoughts will not come; they will not chase you. By and by they will find some other host. You are too indifferent to them.

Blankness is tremendously valuable, but we have always been trained to be full of words. So when this starts happening, one becomes a little scared. You start feeling that nothing is happening. Yes, in a totally different sense, nothing is happening because nothing is the greatest happening there is. Use this great opportunity that has come to you. It is what meditation is all about: to be empty.

So don’t be afraid. Love this empty space. It is not negative. It is the most positive thing in the world, the most absolutely positive thing in the world because out of nothingness everything arises, and into nothingness everything disappears again. This whole universe arises out of nothingness and disappears into nothingness again. Nothingness is the source and the seed, the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega.

Osho, In almost every lecture I have the tendency to go to sleep.

…When that happens, I wake up with a shock, or rather in a shock, which goes through my whole body. Is this the whip?

Not yet! Just the shadow of the whip.
Buddha has said that there is one type of man for whom just the shadow of the whip is enough.
Just like very, very intelligent horses: just the shadow of the whip is enough.
Then there is a second type: the sight of the whip is needed, the shadow won’t do – the mediocre mind.
Then there is a third type, the lower, for which even the sight of the whip won’t do – you must use the whip.
And there is also a fourth type, the lowest; lower than that is nobody. Even hitting him with the whip, whipping him, is not going to help. These four types are four stages of sleep.

But one thing is good: that you have become aware that you fall asleep. There are many who fall asleep and don’t know it. And the shock that comes to you is good. Use it! If you use it, by and by sleep will disappear. Sleep is a trick to create a barrier between me and you. If logic does not work, then sleep works.

Sleep in the night as deeply as possible so that in the morning you can become as awake as possible.
To feel sleepy in the morning is bad because that simply shows your energy is not functioning rightly, that your energy is not functioning in a healthy way.
The function of sleep is to make you alert, energetic, alive. But if you sleep more than needed, then it is just as if you eat too much; then the food becomes poison.

Everybody has to find the right quantity of sleep and food for oneself. That should be a basic for any seeker because much will depend on it.

Osho, For me the most beautiful meditation is to sit in a corner

…and watch the children playing around the ashram. But I'm in trouble: is this a meditation at all?

Watching is meditation. What you watch is irrelevant. You can watch the trees, you can watch the river, you can watch the clouds, you can watch children playing around. Watching is meditation. What you watch is not the point; the object is not the point. The quality of observation, the quality of being aware and alert – that’s what meditation is.

Remember one thing: meditation means awareness. Whatsoever you do with awareness is meditation. The action is not the question, but the quality that you bring to your action is. Walking can be a meditation, if you walk alert. Sitting can be a meditation, if you sit alert. Listening to the birds can be a meditation, if you listen with awareness. Just listening to the inner noise of your mind can be a meditation, if you remain alert and watchful. The whole point is: one should not go to sleep. Then whatsoever you do is meditation – and don’t be worried about it.

The mind is always seeking and searching for hell because it can only exist in misery. In bliss it disappears.
Whenever you are happy it is not needed; when you are blissful, who needs the mind? You have already gone beyond it. The mind feels left behind, neglected.

Because of this tendency, millions of people have come to a meditative point at some time or other in their life, but they miss the door. The door comes but they cannot believe in it. Meditation is as natural a phenomenon as love. It happens to everybody. It is part of your being, but you cannot believe in it. Even if meditation happens, you somehow overlook it. Or even if you feel that something blissful is happening, you cannot say to others: Something blissful is happening. You are afraid others will think that you have gone mad. Your own mind goes on saying that it is not possible; it is too good to be true. So you forget about it.

Remember again: in your childhood, or later on when you were young, there must have been a few moments. It is impossible that those moments should not be there; they have been there in everybody’s life. Just try to recollect again and you will remember there have been moments when something was opening.

Many times in each person’s life, such moments come; but those moments are not aggressive, they cannot force anything against you. If you are ready, you can move, drift into them, slip into them, float with them, to the farthest end of existence. If you are afraid, you cling to your shore and you miss the boat. The boat cannot wait for you.

If children are dancing, running around, playing, shrieking, jumping, jogging, don’t start thinking – just watch. Watch without any thought. Be aware, but don’t think. Remain alert – just seeing, purely seeing, with clarity, but don’t start thinking about it; otherwise you have already moved away.

Osho, The ultimate search is individual

…but can you explain the integral part of the beloved in Tantra and the search of our inner self?

A very intricate, complex thing has to be understood: if you are not in love, you are lonely. If you are in love, really in love, you become alone.
Loneliness is sadness; aloneness is not sadness. Loneliness is a feeling of incompleteness. You need someone and the needed one is not available. Loneliness is darkness, with no light in it. A dark house, waiting and waiting for someone to come and kindle the light.
Aloneness is not loneliness. Aloneness means the feeling that you are complete. Nobody is needed, you are enough. And this happens in love. Lovers become alone – through love you touch your inner completeness. Love makes you complete. Lovers share each other, but that is not their need, that is their overflowing energy.

When two basically lonely persons are meeting, their loneliness is doubled, or even multiplied. That’s what happens ordinarily.
You feel lonely when you are alone, and when you are in relationship you feel miserable. This is an everyday observation. When people are alone they feel lonely, and they are in a deep search for somebody to be related to. When they are related to somebody, then misery starts; then they feel it was better to be lonely – this is too much. What happens?

How can two uglinesses become beautiful? How can two lonelinesses coming together become completion, totality?
They exploit each other; By the time the honeymoon is finished, the marriage is also finished. It is very temporary. It is just an illusion.

Real love is not a search to go against loneliness. Real love is to transform loneliness into aloneness. To help the other – if you love the person, you help him to be alone. You don’t fill him or her. You don’t try to complete the other in some way by your presence. You help the other to be alone, to be so full out of her or his own being that you will not be a need.

When a person is totally free, then out of that freedom sharing is possible.
He gives much because he has much. He gives because he enjoys giving.

But ordinarily so-called lovers are very afraid because they think if the other is independent then they will not be needed.

Let this be your criterion: freedom is the criterion; love gives you freedom, makes you free, liberates you. And once you are totally yourself, you feel grateful to the person who has helped you. That gratefulness is almost religious. You feel in the other person something divine. He has made you free, or she has made you free, and love has not become possessiveness.

When love deteriorates it becomes possessiveness, jealousy, struggle for power, politics, domination, manipulation – a thousand and one things, all ugly. When love soars high, to the purest sky, it is freedom, total freedom.

Don’t be a beggar. In love be an emperor. Just give it and see what happens. It comes back a thousandfold.
Otherwise one remains a miser; one gives a little and waits for much to come back, and your waiting, your expectation, destroys the whole beauty of it.

love, but not as a need – as a sharing. Love, but don’t expect – give. Love, but remember your love should not become an imprisonment for the other. Love, but be very careful; you are treading on sacred ground. You are entering the highest, the purest and holiest temple. Be alert! Drop all impurities outside the temple. When you love a person, love the person as if the person is a god, no less than that. Never love a woman as a woman and never love a man as a man because if you love a man as a man, your love is going to be very, very ordinary. Your love is not going to be more than lust. If you love a woman as a woman, your love is not going to soar very high. Love a woman as a goddess, then love becomes worship.

In Tantra, the man who is going to make love to the woman has to worship her for months as a goddess. He has to visualize in the woman the mother-goddess. When the visualization has become total, when no lust arises, when seeing the woman sitting naked before him he simply feels thrilled with a divine energy, no lust arises, the very form of the woman becomes divine, and all thoughts stop and only reverence is felt – then he is allowed to make love.
It looks a little absurd and paradoxical. When there is no need to make love, then he is allowed to make love. When the woman has become a goddess, then he is allowed to make love – because now love can soar high, love can become a climax, a crescendo. Now it will not be of the earth, it will not be of this world; it will not be of two bodies, it will be of two beings. It will be a meeting of two existences. Two souls will meet, merge and mingle, and both will come out of it tremendously alone.

Aloneness means purity. Aloneness means that you are just yourself and nobody else. Aloneness means that you are pure gold; just gold and nothing else – just you. Love makes you alone. Loneliness will disappear, but aloneness will arise.

Loneliness is a state when you are ill with yourself, bored with yourself, tired of yourself, and you want to go somewhere and forget yourself into somebody else.
Aloneness is when you are thrilled just by your being. You are blissful just by being yourself. You need not go anywhere. Need has disappeared. You are enough unto yourself. But now, a new thing arises in your being. You have so much that you cannot contain it. You have to share, you have to give. And whosoever accepts your gift, you will feel grateful to him that he accepted. He could have rejected it.

There are two types of love. One: love when you are feeling lonely – as a need, you go to the other. Then love when you are not feeling lonely, but alone. In the first case you go to get something; in the second case you go to give something. A giver is an emperor.

Remember, Tantra is not ordinary love. It has nothing to do with lust. It is the greatest transformation of lust into love.

Meditation and love are the two ways to attain to that individuality I am talking about. Both are very, very deeply related together. In fact they are both aspects of the same coin: love and meditation.
If you meditate, sooner or later you will come upon love. If you meditate deeply, sooner or later you will start feeling a tremendous love arising in you that you have never known before – a new quality to your being, a new door opening. You have become a new flame and now you want to share it.

Love makes you meditative if it is along the right lines. Meditation makes you loving if it is along the right lines. And there are only two types of people in the world, basically: those who will find their meditation through love, and those who will find their love through meditation.
For those who will find their meditation through love, it is Tantra; that is their science. For those who will find love through their meditation, for them it is Yoga; that is their science.

But both can go wrong if you don’t understand them well. The criterion is: listen! If you meditate and it doesn’t become love, know well you have gone wrong somewhere. And you will find ninety-nine yogis out of a hundred have gone wrong. The more they enter their meditation, the more they become against love. They become, in fact, afraid of love. They start thinking of love as a distraction. Then their meditation is not real meditation.
A meditation out of which love does not arise is not meditation at all. It is an escape, not a growth. It is as if a seed has become afraid of becoming a plant and blossoming into flowers, and has become afraid of releasing its fragrance to the winds – a seed has become a miser.

You will find this type of yogi all over India. Their meditation has not come to bloom. Their meditation got constipated somewhere on the way. They are stuck. You will not find grace on their faces, and you will not find intelligence in their eyes. You will see around them a certain climate of dullness and stupidity. You will not find them alert, aware, alive. A certain deadness because if you are alive you have to become loving. To avoid love they avoid life.
And these people will always be escaping to the Himalayas, anywhere where they can remain without others. Their aloneness will not be aloneness, it will be loneliness – you can read it in their faces. They are not happy being alone. On their faces you will see a certain type of martyrdom – which is foolishness – as if they have been sacrificing. You will find ego there; humbleness, no – because whenever humbleness comes, love comes. If the ego becomes too strong, then love can be destroyed completely. The ego is the opposite of love.

Yoga is in the hands of the wrong people. And the same happened with Tantra.
It never became meditative. It became a subtle rationalization of lust, sex and passion. It became a trick; you can hide behind it. Tantra became a blanket to hide behind for all sorts of perversions.

So remember this. Man is very cunning. He has destroyed Yoga, he has destroyed Tantra. Remain alert! Both are good, both are tremendously beneficial, but the criterion to remember is that if you are doing one rightly, the other will follow as a shadow. If the other does not follow, then you are wrong somewhere.

It is not difficult because you can deceive others, but you cannot deceive yourself. That is impossible. If you just go within and watch, you will come to know where you have been deceiving yourself. Nobody can deceive himself; it is impossible. How can you deceive yourself?

Osho, How far can one rely on one's “inner voice”?

The first thing: the inner voice is not a voice, it is silence. It says nothing. It shows something, but it says nothing. It gestures toward something, but it says nothing. The inner voice is not a voice. If you are still hearing some voice, it is not inner. “Inner voice” is a misnomer; it is not the right word. Only silence is inner. All voices are from the outside.

For example: you are going to steal something and you say the “inner voice” says: Don’t steal! This is a sin! This is not the inner voice – just your conditioning: you have been taught not to steal. This is society speaking from you. It appears to be from within, but it is not. If you had been brought up in some other way and you were not taught that stealing was bad, or you were taught that stealing was good, then this inner voice would not have been there – and you know it.

If you have been brought up in a family which is vegetarian, then the moment you see non-vegetarian food, some inner voice says: Don’t eat it – it is a sin! But if you have been brought up in a non-vegetarian family, then there is no problem. You simply cannot believe how inner voices say to other people: Don’t eat it! It depends on what you have been taught.

This is not an inner voice; this is just your social conscience. Society has to create an inner arrangement in you because the outer arrangement is not enough. The police are there, but that is not enough – the police can be deceived. The courts are there, but it is not enough because you can be cleverer than the courts. The outer arrangement is not enough; some inner arrangement is needed.
So society teaches you that stealing is bad: this is good, that is bad. It goes on teaching, continuously repeating it; it enters your being, it becomes part of your inner world. So when you go to steal, suddenly somebody inside says: No! And you think the inner voice or God has spoken. No, nothing of the sort. This is just society speaking from you.

Then what is the inner voice? You are going to steal, and suddenly you become silent and you cannot steal. Suddenly you are frozen. A gap arises. Your energy stops. Not that somebody says: Don’t steal! No voice is there – just inner silence. But you are in the grip of the inner silence.

The story of the thief:

A great Buddhist monk, a mystic, Nagarjuna, was passing through a village. The emperor of the country was a follower of Nagarjuna, and he had given him a gold begging bowl with diamonds studded around it. It was very costly, and Nagarjuna was a naked fakir. When he was passing, a thief could not believe it: a naked man with such a tremendously valuable thing! So the thief followed him.
Nagarjuna was staying outside the town in an old ruined monastery. There were not even doors, so the thief was very happy. He thought, “Now he will rest; or at least in the night he will rest, go to sleep. I can take it, there is no trouble.” So he was hiding behind a wall.
Nagarjuna looked out and he said, “You had better come in and take this begging bowl so that I can sleep at ease. You will take it anyhow, so why not just give it to you? I think it is better to give it to you. I would not like to make you a thief – this is a gift!”
The man came in, but he could not believe it. In spite of himself he touched the feet of Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna said, “Now you can go because I have nothing else. Be at ease and leave me at ease.”
But the thief said, “Just one thing: I would also like to be so unattached to things as you are. You have made me feel very poor. Is there any way that someday I can also attain to such a peak of consciousness?”
Nagarjuna said, “Yes, there is a way.”
The thief said, “But let me say one thing first: don’t tell me to stop stealing because wherever I go – and I go to mystics and saints and I am a famous thief around here, so they all know – they immediately say, ‘First stop stealing,’ and I cannot do that. I have tried but I cannot do that, so please don’t make that condition. Whatsoever else you say I will do.”
Nagarjuna said, “Then you have not yet met a mystic or a saint. You must have been meeting ex-thieves; otherwise, why should one bother about your being a thief? Be a thief! That is your business; that is not my worry. I would like to tell you just one thing, and that is: go, do whatsoever you feel, but be aware, alert. Don’t do anything unconsciously, mechanically, robot-like.”
The thief said, “This is perfectly okay. I will try it.”
Nagarjuna said, “I will wait fifteen days in this monastery; you can come and report.”
On the tenth day the thief came running, perspiring, and he said, “You are a tricky fellow! For ten days continuously I have been trying. When I go – and this has been something of a miracle: never in my life have I been so unsuccessful – I enter the houses, I open their treasures, and I remember you and then I see. And when I become aware, I become so silent that I cannot move. My hands won’t move! When I am unconscious my hands move, but then I remember I have promised you. I become conscious again – I cannot take anything with me. I have to leave it. For ten days continuously! So please, tell me something else.”
Nagarjuna said, “That is the only thing. Now it is up to you to choose: you can drop awareness and remain a thief, or you can have awareness and let the thief be dropped. That is for you to choose. I am not saying for you to stop stealing. Go on stealing; if you can do it with awareness, then I am not worried.”
The thief said, “That is impossible; I have tried for ten days. If I am aware, then I cannot steal. If I steal, then I am not aware.” And the thief said, “Really, you have got me – and I cannot leave this awareness now, I have tasted it. Nothing is worth it now, nothing is more valuable now.”
Nagarjuna said, “Then don’t bother me any more. Go and teach the same thing to other thieves!”

The inner voice is not a voice, it is an energy phenomenon. You are gripped in awareness, in silence. And in that silence, whatsoever you do is right; whatsoever is not right you cannot do.
So I don’t tell you not to do this, and do that. I simply tell you what Nagarjuna told the thief: Just be aware!

If you are not aware, then you will have to choose. If you are not aware, then there is always a choice of alternatives – to do this or to do that – and one is always puzzled.
If awareness is there, there is no alternative. Awareness is choiceless. It simply allows you to do that which is right; it does not allow you to do that which is not right. There is no question of your choice. So don’t ask how far one can rely on one’s inner voice.

The first thing: the inner voice is not a voice – it is silence. The second thing: you need not be worried about relying on “how far.” Just remain in that inner space of silence, total silence. Virtue is a by-product, it is not a discipline. It follows awareness like a shadow, a consequence.

Osho, I am aware of my need for approval and acceptance from others

…I don't want to be driven by this need. How can I resolve this?

One has to see the foolishness of it. It is not a question of resolving it. One has to see the ridiculousness of it, then it falls away. It is not resolved. Diseases are not to be resolved; they fall away. Just try to see the foolishness of it.

Nobody is here in the world to fulfill your ego; everybody is trying to fulfill his own. Who has time to fulfill your ego? And if sometimes somebody fulfills your ego, he must be fulfilling it as a means of fulfilling his own.

One is destroying a beautiful life that could have flowered and become a pinnacle of existence – Buddha-like, Jesus-like, Krishna-like. But everybody is asking others, begging: Approve of me! Say something that gives me a good feeling about myself. Hence, flattery works. Hence, anybody can deceive you just by flattering you.
Everybody is distracted from his destiny because others are looking, and they have a fixed idea about how to approve of you.

People go on wasting their time and life and energy. There is no need! In fact, as you are, you are perfect. Nothing needs to be added to you. God never creates anybody imperfect. How can he create anybody imperfect? Religious people have taught you that God created the world. And they go on teaching that you are created by God in his own image. And still they go on teaching: Become perfect! This is simply absurd. God created you in his own image, and still you need perfecting? Then God must be imperfect. Out of God, how can imperfection come? Creation carries his signature. You also carry his signature. Drop this begging!

Somebody is asking for money, somebody is asking for bread, somebody is asking for approval. All are beggars. Don’t ask. In asking you will miss much that is already available to you. Look rather than asking. Look within yourself and the emperor of emperors is there. Start enjoying it, start living it!

Go deeper into your own being – God has put all the treasures that you need there. He has approved of you, accepted you. He is happy that you are!

But you don’t look there. You are asking from others like a beggar: Approve of me! They are also beggars just like you. Beggars asking beggars. Even if they approve of you a little, they will wait for you to approve of them. It is going to be a bargain. Just think about it: they don’t have anything to give you when they themselves are begging; and what can you give them when you yourself are begging?

Dance while you are alive. Breathe blissfully while you are alive. Sing while you are alive. Love, meditate while you are alive. And once you change – you shift your consciousness, your focus of consciousness – from the outside to the inside, you feel tremendously happy and blessed. Just to feel “I exist” is such a blessing that nothing else is needed. “I exist!” All dance, all song, all blessings, are included in it. “I exist!” God is included in it.

Don’t make your god a beggar. Be a god! Recognize your godliness and then there is nothing to achieve. One has simply to start; one has to start to live. Live like a god: that’s my message to you. I don’t say: become a god. I say: You are – start living! You are – recognize it! You are – remember it! You are – just become mindful of it.

There is nothing to be achieved. Life is not an achievement, it is a gift. It has already been given, what are you waiting for? The door is open, and the host has already invited you. Come in!

Chapter 08 – The Bull Transcended

But the question is such that it is impossible to say what it is. The moment you say it, you betray it. The moment you verbalize it, it is no longer the same. It is not the same question that was there in the heart. Once it becomes verbalized, it becomes a head thing. It looks almost trivial, almost superficial. You cannot ask the ultimate question. In asking it, it will not be the ultimate any longer.

Only a master could have understood what she was saying. She was a beautiful woman, a beautiful person, of tremendous understanding. And at the last moment of her life, she flowered in this koan. You must have heard her famous statement which has almost become a cliché, “A rose is a rose is a rose.” Nothing can be said about the rose, except that it is a rose. All that you can say about it will falsify it. It is simply there in its strange beauty, with its unknown fragrance, as a fact. You cannot theorize about it. And whatsoever you theorize will be about something else, will not be about this rose; will be a reflection in the mirror, will not be the true thing.