A philosopher who couldn't quite grasp what the Master meant by Awareness, asked him to define it.
"It cannot be defined" said the Master.
"Is it thought?"
"Not concepts and reflections" said the Master,
"But the kind of thought you exercice in moments of great danger when your brain stops dead - or in moments of great inspiration."
"And what kind of thinking is that?"
"Thinking with your body-brain-being" said the Master.

"There are those who think that problems are solved through effort.
These people merely succeed in keeping themselves and others busy."
"Problem are only solved through awareness.
In fact, where there is awareness, problems do not arise."

Teaching the old fool how to enjoy life, would be like giving a fish a bath.

"Is it possible to see the divine?"
"You are seeing it right now."
"Why do we not recognize it?"
"Because you distort it by means of thought."
"When the cold winds blow water turns into hardened blocks called ice.
When thought intervenes reality is fragmented into a million hardened pieces called "things".

What you need is not security,
but the daring of the gambler;
not solid ground to stand on,
but the dexterity of the swimmer.

That is the Spiral Galaxy of Andromeda.
It is as large as our Milky Way.
It sends out rays of light that,
at a speed of 186,000 miles a second,
take two and a half million years to get to us.
It consists of a hundred thousand million suns,
many larger than our own sun.

Now that we have put ourselves into perspective, let's go to bed.

When a visitor announced he was leaving because he couldn't take another word the Master said, an older disciple was sympathetic:
"I know how you must feel,
For years I avoided the man because his words were like crates that shipped rampaging wild beasts straight from the jungle into my tidy little garden.
I would much, much rather have gone to preachers whose words shipped neat white bones from one graveyard to another."

"Why do you travel so little?"
"To look into the face of just one person or thing every day of the year and never fail to find something new in it -
that is a greater adventure by far than any that travel can offer."

To the dentist: "It does not fit"
"If I do as you say I fear the teeth won't fit your mouth."
"Who said anything about my mouth?"
"The teeth don't fit in the mirror."

"Your beliefs may suit your mind, but do they fit the facts?"

"What a sculptor does for the statue of a tiger:
he takes a block of marble and pounds away at anything that doesn't look like a tiger."
"My task is to hammer away at everything that isn't you:
every thought, feeling, attitude, compulstion,
that adheres to you from your culture and your past."

"Happiness is a butterfly"
"Chase it and it eludes you.
Sit down quietly and it alights upon your shoulder."
"So what do I do to get happiness?"
"Stop pursuing it."
"But is there nothing I can do?"
"You might try sitting down quietly - if you dare!"

"How long does the present last - a minute, a second?"
"Much less and much more"
"Less, because the moment you focus on it, it's gone."
"More, because if you ever get into it,
you will stumble upon the Timeless,
and will know what Eternity is."