Sunday Oh Chi Minh Park

First, a good sleep in the bus:

Waiting for Simon at the playground:

A new family member, and a new milestone

Lilou is very picky when it comes to trust someone new.
Today, she acknowledged Simon, hugging his legs (she's still short) several times!
Simon also teached her to walk with holding hands, instead of being pushed passively in the stroller. I had to see it to believe it. Now I'm hooked! From now on, Lilou will be a walker, not a "queen in her stroller" anymore, thanks Simon!

We tried to continue the "training" later on with Dey, and that was very hard. She was actually sleepy more than anything else (she fall asleep at the bus stop).
It might take a few weeks to really stick, but it's definitely more rewarding to see her walking by herself, and it's even cuter when holding hands.

I'm not sure why is this picture so bright, maybe Simon has an explaination? haha

Dey new hair color!

I don't have any other pict, but Dey new hair color is super cool and suit her perfectly!

To be renewed…

I will definitely try to come back to that park every sunday if possible.
The question is: with or without the stroller?