The law of cosmic habitforce

Habit is a cable; we weave a thread of it every day, and at last we cannot break it.

-- Horace Mann

It is Nature's method of giving fixation to all habits so that they may carry on automatically once they have been set into motion.

Every man is where he is and what he is because of his established habits of thoughts and deeds.
The purpose is to transfer the indificual from where he is to where he wishes to be in life.

Nature maintain a perfect balance between all the elements throughout the universe; habits that never vary, and cannot be altered by any form of human endeavor; that is the five realities of the universe:

  1. Time
  2. Space
  3. Energy
  4. Matter
  5. Intelligence

They shape the other known realities into orderliness and system based upon fixed habits.
They are the building blocks that can create a grain of sand or the largest star, or anything the mind can conceive.
But not everyone has taken the time or the interest to ascertain the fact that Cosmic Habitforce is the particular application of Energy with which Nature maintains the relationship between the atoms of matter, the stars and the planets in their ceaseless motion onward toward some unknown destiny, the seasons of the year, night and day, sickness and health, life and death.
Cosmic Habitforce is the medium through which is translated into its physical equivalent in response to the desires and purposes of individuals.
Man is only an instrument through which higher powers than his own are projecting themselves.
By placing himself in harmony with the unseen forces of the universe which may carry him inevitably into the success side of the great River of Life.

Cosmic Habitforce is by which all other natural law are co-ordinated, organized and operated through orderliness. Therefore it is the greatest of all natural laws.
The exact precision of how the planets move and how their exact location can be predicted.
The seasons of the year come and go with a clock-like regularity.
We know that an oak tree grow from an acorn, and a pine tree grows from the seed of its ancestor; that one never make a mistake to produce the other.
Every living thing is forced to become part of the environmental influences in which it lives and moves.

Cosmic HabitForce transmits the "success consciousness" from the mind of the successful man to the mind of the unsuccessful one.
Whenever any two minds contact each other there is born of taht contact a third mind patterned after.
Cosmic Habitforce is silent, unseen, and unperceived through any of the five physical senses.

The term "Habitforce" is self-explanatory, it is a force which workd through established habits.
Every living thing below the intelligence of man lives, reproduces itself and fulfills its earthly mission in direct response to the power of Cosmic Habitforce through what we call "instinct".
Man alone has been given the privilege of choice in connection with his living habits, and these he may fix by the patter of his thoughts - the one and only privilege over which any individual has been given complete right of control.

Man may think in terms of self-imposed limitations of fear and doubt and envy and greed and poverty, and Cosmic Habitforce will translate these thoughts into their material equivalent. Or he may think in terms of opulence and plenty.
In this manner may one control his earthly destiny to an astounding degree - simply by exercising his privilege of shaping his own thoughts.
One of the most profound of all truths, the fact that most men who attain the higher brackets of success selfom do so until they have undergone some tragedy or emergency which reached deeply into their souls and reduced them to that circumstance of life which men call "failure".
The reason for this strange phenomenom is readily recognized by those who understand the law of Cosmic Habitforce, for it consists in the fact that these disasters and tragedies of life serve to break up the established habits of man - habits which have led him eventually to the inevitable results of failure - and thus break the grip of Cosmic Habitforce and allow him to formulate new and better habits.

The individual spirit is determined by his dominating thought habit. Most are at war in one way or another, throughout their lives, with their own conflicting thoughts and emotions.
This is the real power of the Golden Rule, which will save you from the conflicts of personal warfare.
This is the benefits of a Definite Major Purpose, for once that it has been fixed in the consciousness, by one's thought habits, it will be taken over by Cosmic Habitforce and carried out to its logical conclusion, by whatever practical means that may be available.

Cosmic Habitforce does not suggest to an individual what he shall desire, or whether his thought habits shall be positive or negative, but it does set upon all his thought habits by crystallizing them into varying degrees of permanency and translating them into their physical equivalent, through inspired motivation to action.

Poverty is the direct result of a "poverty consciousness", which result from thinking in terms of poverty, fearing poverty, and talking of poverty.
If you desire opulence, give orders to your subconscious mind to produce opulence, thus developing a "prosperity consciousness", and see how quickly your economic condition will improve.

First comes the "consciousness" of that which you desire; then follows the physical or mental manifestation of your desires.
The "consciousness" is your responsibility. It is something you must create by your daily thoughts, or by meditation if you prefer to make known your desires in that manner. In this manner one may ally himself with no less a power than that of the Creator of all things.

"I have come to the conclusion," said a great philosopher, "that the acceptance of poverty, or the acceptance of illhealth, is an open confession of the lack of Faith."
We do a lot of proclaiming of faith, but our actions belie our words. Faith is a state of mind that may become permanent only by actions. Belief alone is not sufficien "Faith without works is dead."

The law of Cosmic Habitforce is Nature's own creation. It is the one universal principle through which order and system and harmony are carried out in the entire operation of the universe, from the largest star to the smallest atoms of matter.
It is a power that is equally available to the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor, the sick and the well. It provides the solution to all human problems.

The major purpose of the seventeen principles of this philosophy is that of aiding the individual to adapt himself to the power of Cosmic Habitforce by self-discipline in connection with the formation of his habits of thought.

17 Elements of the Master-Key

A/ The habit of going the extra mile

First principle because it aids in conditioning the mind for rendering useful service.

B/ Definiteness of purpose

One may make sure that going the extra mile leads in the direction of his major purpose.

C/ The Master Mind

A new sense of power that is not available to the individual mind, as it bridges one's personal deficiencies and provides him when necessary, with any portion of the combines knowledge of mankind, which has beend accumulated down through the ages.

D/ Applied Faith

Here the individual begins to tune in one the powers of Infinite Intelligence, which is a benefit that is available only to the person who has conditioned his mind to receive it.
The individual take full possession of his own mind by mastering all fears, worries and doubts, recognizing his oneness with the source of all power.

E/ Pleasing personality

It enables a man to sell himself and his ideas to other men. Hence it is an essential for all who desire to become the guiding influence in a Master Mind alliance. The preceding Big Four tend to give one a pleasing personality.

F/ Habit of learning from defeat

It must be accepted and applied as a matter of habit, under all the circumstances of defeat.
To inspire a man to make a fresh start when his plans go astray.

G/ Creative vision

To look into the future and to build new and better plans for attaining his hopes and aims through the workshop of his imagination.

H/ Personal initiative

Start action and keep it moving toward definite ends. It destroy the destructive habit of procrastination, indifference and laziness.
It is the sole means by which a man may exercice full and complete control over the only thing that the Creator has given him to control, the power of his own thoughts.
Thoughts do not organize and direct themselves. They need guidance, inspiration and aid which can be given only by one's personal initiative.

I/ Accurate thinking

It not only insures one against the misdirection of personal initiative, but it also insures one against errors of judgment, guess-work and premature decisions. It also protects one against the influence of his own undependable emotions by modifying them through the power of reason commonly known as the "Head".

J/ Self-discipline

It cannot be acquired by asking or in a quick manner. It is the product of carefully established and carefully maintained habits which in many instances can be acquired only by many years of painstaking effort.
So we have come to the point at which the power of the will must be brought into action, for self-discipline is solely a product of the will.
This principle when mastered and applied gives one complete control over his greatest enemy, himself!

K/ Concentration of endeavor

This is also a product of the will. It is so closely related to self-discipline that the two have been called the "twin-brothers" of this philosophy.
Concentration saves one from the dissipation of his energies, and aids him in keeping his mind focused upon the object of his Definite Major Purpose until it has been taken over by the sub-conscious section of the mind and there made ready for translation into its physical equivalent, through the law of Cosmic Habitforce.
It is the camera's eye of the imagination through which the detailed outline of one's aims and purposes are recorded in the sub-conscious section; and hence is indispensable.

L/ Co-operation

Friendly co-operation brings the merchant's customers back as repeat purchasers.

M/ Enthusiasm

It is a contagious state of mind which not only aids one in gaining the co-operation of others, but more important than this, it inspires the individual to draw upon and use the power of his own imagination.
It inspires action with personal initiative, and leads to concentration.
It is one of the major quality for a pleasing personality, and it makes easy the application of the principle of Going the extra mile.
It gives force of conviction to the spoken word.
Enthusiasm is the product of motive.

N/ The habit of health

Sound physical health provides a suitable housing for the operation of the mind.
It begins with a "health consciousness" that can be developed only by the right habits of living, sustained through self-discipline.
It provides the basis for enthusiasm, and enthusiasm encourages sound health, like hen and egg.

O/ Budgeting time and money

What a headache one gets at the mention of saving of time and the conservation of money.
Nearly everyone wishes to spend both time and money freely.
Independence and freedom of body and mind cannot become enduring realities without the self-discipline of a strict budgeting system.

P/ The golden rule applied

Belief in the soundness of the Golden Rule is not enough. To be of enduring benefit, it must be applied as a matter of habit, in all human relationships.
The benefits of applying this profound rule of human relationship are worthy of the efforts necessary to develop it into a habit.

Q/ Cosmic Habitforce

It is the principle by which all habits are fixed and made permanent.
Mere understanding of the sicteen preceding principles will not lead anyone to the attainment of personal power. They must be understood and applied as a matter of strict habit, and habit is the sole work of the law of Cosmic Habitforce.
Cosmic Habitforce is synonymous with the great River of Life, for it consists of a negative and a positive potentiality, as do all forms of energy.

The negative application is called "hypnotic rhythm". Poverty consciousness, habit of fear, envy, greed, revenge, desire for something for nothing, habits of hopelessness and indifference, habit of hypochondria, failure consciousness which undermines the self-confidence.
It fixes all negative habits, regardless of their nature or effects, thus it is the "failure" side of the great River of Life.

The "success" side of the River fixes all constructive habits, such as Definiteness of Purpose, Going the extra Mile, applying the Golden Rule, and so on.

Enforcement of Habits

Habit implies a settled disposition or tendency due to repetition; we do many things mechanically from force of habit.
Repetition is the means by which any habit is begun.
The habit of Definiteness of Purpose for example, becomes a habit only by repetition of the thought of that purpose, by bringing the thought into the mind repeatedly. By repeatedly submitting the thought to the imagination with a burning desire for its fulfillment, until the imagination creates a practical plan for attaining this desire; by applying the habit of Faith in connection with the desire, and doing it so intensely and repeatedly that one may see himself already in possession of the object of his desires, even before he begins to attain it.

The building of voluntary positive habits calls for the application of self-discipline, persistence, will-power and Faith.
Voluntary habit-building is self-discipline in its highest and noblest form of application. And all voluntary positive habits are the products of will-power directed toward the attainment of definite ends. They must be grounded into the mind through repetition of thoughts and deeds until they are taken over by Cosmic Habitforce and are given fixation, after which they operate automatically.

We are and what we are because of our fixed habits. And we may be where we wish to be and what we wish to be only by the development and the maintenance of our voluntary habits.
Thus this entire philosophy leads inevitably to the application of the law of Cosmic Habitforce, the power of fixation of all habits.
The major purpose of each of the sixteen preceding principles is that of aiding the individual in the development of a specialized form of habit that is necessary as a means of enabling him to take full possession of his own mind.

Mind power is always actively engaged on one side of the River or the other.
Mastery and assmiliation of the philosophy, like every other desirable thing, has a definite price which must be paid before its benefits may be enjoyed. That price among other things, is eternal vigilance, determination, persistence and the will to make Life pay off on one's own terms instead of accepting substitutes of poverty and misery and disillusionment.

There are two ways of relating one's self to Life.
One is that of playing horse while Life rides. The other is that of becoming the rider while Life plays horse. The choice to be whether the horse or the rider is the privilege of every person, but for sure if one does not choose to become the rider of Life, he is certain to become the horse. Life either rides or is ridden, it never stands still.

The "Ego" and Cosmic Habitforce

How to transmute the power of thought into its physical equivalent? How to relate yourself to others in a spirit of harmony?

"Our educational system has concentrated on mental development and has failed to give any understanding of the way emotional and personality habits are acquired or corrected."

-- Dr. Henry C. Link

Everything we do is the result of habits: walking, talking, eating, drinking, sex, relationship - positive or negative. But few people understand why or how we form habits.
They are related to the human ego. Ego is the medium through which faith and all other states of mind operate.

Distinction between passive faith and active faith. The ego is the medium of expression of all action. Thus, we better to know more about ego to make the best use of it. We must learn to stimulate the ego to action, and how to control and guide it to the attainment of definite ends.
Above all, we must disabuse our minds of the popular error of believing the ego to be only a medium for expression of vanity.

The misunderstood Power of the Ego

"Your body, whether living or dead, is a collection of millions of little energies that can never die. These energies are separate and individual; at times they act in some degree of harmony. The human body is a drifting mechanism of life, capable but not accustomed to control the forces within, except as habit, will, cultivation or special excitement may marshal these forces to the accomplishment of some important end.
We are satisfied from amny experiments that this power of marshaling and using these energies can be, in every person, cultivated to a high degree.
The air, sunlight, food and water you take, are agents of a force which comes from the sky and earth. You idly float upon the tide of circumstances to make up your day's life, and the opportunities of being something better than you are drift beyond your reach and pass away.
Humanity is hemmed in by so many influences that, from time immemorial, no real effort has been made to gain control of the impulses that run loose in the world. It has been, and stil lis, easier to let things go as they will rather than exert the will to direct them.
But the dividing line between success and failure is found at the stage where aimless drifting ceases. (where Definiteness of Purpose begins)
We are all creatures of emotions, passions, circumstances and accident. What the mind will be, what the hear will be, what the body will be, are problems which are shaped to the drift of life, even when special attention is given to any of them.
If you will sit down and think for a while, you will be surprised to know how much of your life has been mere drift.
Look at any created life, and see its efforts to express itself. The tree sends its branches toward the sunlights, struggles through its leaves to inhale air; and even underground sens forth its roots in search of water and the minerals it needs for food. This you call inanimate life; but it represents a force that comes from some source and operates for some purpose.
There is no place on the globe where energy is not found.
The air is so loaded with it that in the cold north the sky shines in boreal rays; and wherever the frigid temperature yields to the warmth, the electric conditions may alarm man. Water is but a liquid union of gases, and is charged with electrical, mechanical and chemical energies, any one of each is capable of doing great service and great damage to man.
Even ice, in its coldest phase has energy, for it is not aubdues, nor even still; its force has broken mountain rocks into fragments. This energy about us we are drinking in ater, eating in food and breathing in air. Not a chemical molecule is free from it; not an atom can exist without it. We are a combination of individual energies."

Man consists of two forces, one tangible, in the form of his physical body, with its myriad individual cells numbering billions, each of which is endowed with intelligence and energy; and the other intangible, in the form of an ego - the organized dictator of the body which may control man's thoughts and deeds.
Science teaches us the tangible portion of a man weighing one hundred and sixty pounds is composed of about seventeen chemical elements, all of which are known. They are:

These tangible parts of man are worth only a few cents commercially and may be purchased in any modern chemical plant.
The Ego is a power which cannot be purchased at any price, but it can be developed and shaped to git any desired pattern.
The development takes palce through organized habits which are made permanent by the law of Cosmic Habitforce, which carries out the thought-patterns one develops through controlled thought.

One of the major differences between men who make valuable contributions to mankind and those who merely take up space in the world, is aminly a difference in egos, because the ego is the driving force behind all forms of human action.

Liberty and freedom of body and mind - the two major desires of all people - are available in exact proportion to the development and use one makes of the ego.
Every person who has properly related himself to his own ego has both liberty and freedom in whatever proportions he desires.

A man's ego determines the manner in which he relates himself to all other people. More important than this, it determines the policy under which a man relates his own body and mind, wherein is patterned every hope, aim and purpose by which he fixes his destiny in life.

A man's ego is his greatest asset or his greatest liability, according to the way he relates himself to it. The ego is the sum total of one's thought habits which have been fastened upon him through the automatic operation of the law of Cosmic Habitforce.

Every highly successful person possesses a well-developed and highly disciplined ego, but there is a third factor associated with the ego which determines its potency for good or evil - the self-control necessary to enable one to transmute its power into any desired purpose.

"Training" the Ego

The starting point of all individual achievements is some plan by which one's ego can be inspired with a "success consciousness". The person must do so by properly developing his own ego, impressing it with the object of his desires, and removing from it all forms of limitation, fear, and doubt which lead to the dissipation of the power of the ego.

Auto-suggestion (or self-hypnosis) is the medium by which one may attune his ego to any desired rate of vibration and charge it with the attainment of any desired purpose. Unless you catch the full significance of the principle of auto-suggestion you will miss the most important part of this analysis, because the power of the ego is fixed entirely by the application of self-suggestion.
When this self-suggestion attains the status of faith the ego becomes limitless in its power.
The ego is kep alive and active, and it is given power by constant feeding. Like the physical body, the ego cannot and will nto subsist without food.
It must be fed with Definiteness of purpose.
It must be fed with Personal Initiative.
It must be fed with Continuous Action, through well organized plans.
It must be supported with Enthusiasm.
It must be fed by Controlled Attention, directed to a limited end.
It must be controlled and directed through Self-discipline. And it must be supported with Accurate Thought.

No man can become the master of anything or anyone until he becomes the master of his own ego.
No man can express himself in terms of opulence while most of his thought-power is given over to the maintenance of a "poverty consciousness".

The most important power which is available to you - the one power which will determine whether you succeed or fail in your life's ambition - is that which is represented by your own ego.

Constructive application of the ego is made through the expressions of one's hopes, desires, aims, ambitions and plans, and not by boastfulness or self-love. The motto of the person who has his ego under control is "Deeds, not words".

The Ego and mental attitude

To be of the greatest service to you, the members of your Master Mind alliance must be in complete sympathy with your hopes, aims and purposes; they must not be in competition. They must be willing to subordinate their own desires and personalities entirely for the attainment of your major purpose in life.
They must have confidence in you and your integrity, and they must respect you. They must be willing to accentuate your virtues and make allowances for your faults. To permit you to be yourself and live your own life in your own way at all times. They must receive from you some form of benefit which will make you as beneficial to them as they are to you.
There can be no permanent human relationship based upon an indefinite or vague motive.

The men of great achievement are, and they have always been, those who deliberately feed, shape and control their own egos, leaving no part of the task to luck or chance, or to the varying vicissitudes of life.
Every person may control the shaping of his own ego, but from that point on he has no more to do with what happens than does the farme have anything to do with what happens to the seed he sows in the soil of the earth.
The inexorable law of Cosmic Habitforce causes every living thing to perpetuate itself after its kind, and it translates the picture which a man paints of his ego into its physical equivalent, as definitely as it develops an acorn into an oak tree, and no outside aid whatsoever is required, except time.

First, one must ally himself with one or more persons who will co-ordinate their minds with his in a spirit of perfect harmony ofr the attainment of a definite purpose, and that alliance must be continuous and active.

Second, one must adopt some definite plan and proceed to put that plan into action.

Third, one must remove himself from the range of influence of every person which has even a slight tendency to cause him to feel inferior or incapable of attaining the object of his purpose. Positive egos do not grow in negative environments. The line must be so clearly drawn between a man and those who exercice bad influence.

Fourth, one must close the toor tightly against every thought of any past experiences or circumstances which tends to make him feel inferior or unhappy. Strong, vital egos cannot be developed by dwelling on thoughts of past unpleasant experiences. Vital egos thrives on the hopes and desires of the yet unattained objectives.
Thoughts are the building blocks from which the human ego is constructed. Cosmic Hatiforce is the cement which binds these blocks together in permanency, through fixed habits. When the job is finished it represents, right down to the smallest detail, the nature of the thoughts which went into the building.

Fifth, one must surround himself with every possible physical means of impressing his mind with the nature and the purpose of the ego he is developing. For example, the author should set up his workshop in a room decorated with pictures and the works of authors in his field whom he most admires. He should fill his book shelves with books related to his own work. He should surround himself with every possible means of conveying to his ego the exact picture of himself which he expects to express, because that picture is the pattern which the law of Cosmic Habitforce will pick up; the pciture which it translates into its physical equivalent.

Sixth, the properly developed ego is atall times under the control of the individual. There must be no over-inflation of the ego in the direction of "egomania" by which some men destroy themselves.
Egomania reveals itself by a mad desire to control others by force. Hitler, Mussolini…
One's motto might well be "Not too much, not too little, of anything".
Nature has provided man with a sagety-valve through which she deflates the ego and relieves the pressure of its influence when an individual goes beyond certain limits in the developement of the ego. Emerson called it the law of Compensation.
Napoleon Bonaparte began to die because of his crushed ego, on the day he landed on St. Helena island. People who quit work and retire from all forms of activity, after having led active lives, generally atrophy and die soon therafter. A healthy ego is one which is always in use and under complete control.

Senventh, the ego is constantly undergoing changes, for better or for worse, because of the nature of one's thought habits. The two factors which force these changes upon one are Time and the law of Cosmic Habitforce.

Time for Growth

Just as seeds which are planted in the soil of the earth require definite periods of Time for their germination, development and growth, so do ideas, impulses of thought and desires which are planted in the mind requires definite periods of Time during which the law of Cosmic Habitforce gives them life and action.
The nature of the desire, the circumstances which are related to it, and the intesity of the desire are all determining factors in connection with the Time required for transformation from the thought stage to the physical stage.
The state of mind known as faith is so favorable for the quick change of desire into its physical equivalent that it has been known to make the change almost instantaneously.
Man matures physically in about twenty eyars, but mentally, he requires from thirty-five to sixty years for maturity.

The Ego behind success

Every business move, and every foward step was the result of the wife's ideas, which she so cleverly planted in her husband's mind that he failed to recognize their source.

Care and Feeding of the Ego

This illustrates the major difference between poverty and riches: an ego that is dominated by an inferority complex, and one that is dominated by a feeling of superiority.
This old man might have died a homeless pauper if a clever woman had not blended her mind with his in such a way as to feed his ego with thoughts of, and belief in, his ability to attain opulence.
The human ego must be fed, organized and directed to definite ends if one is to succeed in any walk of life.

The Key is in your hands

You are now in possession of all the practical knowledge which has been used by successful men from the dawn of civilization to the present.
It holds the secret to the solution of all human problems.
You can and you should aspire to make yourself useful in order that you may occupy as much space in the world as your ego desires.
Every man comes finally to resemble those who make the strongest impression upon his ego. We are all creatures of imitation, and naturally we endeavor to imitate the heroes of our choice.

The ego represents the fertile garden spot of the mind wherein one may develop all the stimuli which inspire active Faith, or by neglecting to do so he may allow this fertile soil to produce a negative crop of fear and doubt and indecision which will lead to failure.
The amount of space you occupy in the world is now a matter of choice with you. The Master-Key to riches is in your hands. You stand before the last gate which separates you from the success you desire. The gate will nto opent to you without your demand that it do so. You must use the Master-Key by making the seventeen principles of this philosophy your own!

You now have at your command a complete philosophy of life that is sufficient for the solution of every individual problem.
It is a philosophy of principles, some combination of which has been respinsible for every individual success in every occupation or calling, although many may have used the philosophy successfully without recognizing the 17 principles by the names we have given them.
No essential factor of successful achievement has been omitted. The philosophy embraces them all.
It is a philosophy of concreteness that touches only rarely the abstractions, and then only when necessary. It is free from academic terms and phrases which all too often serve only to confuse the average person.

The overall purpose of the philosophy is to enable one to get from where he stands to where he wishes to be, both economically and spiritually; thus it prepares one to enjoy the abundant life which the Creator intended all people to enjoy.
The world has been greatly enriched by Plato, Socrates, Copernicus, Aristotle… Ralph Waldo Emerson, William James. Now it has a complete philosophy of achievement, to take possession of his own mind and direct it to the attainment of peace of mind, harmony in human relationships, economic security, and the fuller life known as happiness.

When you have assimilated this philosophy you will have a better education than the majority of people who graduate from college. You will be in possession of all the more useful knowledge which has been organized from the experiences of the most successful men this nation has produced, and you will have it in a form which you can understand and apply.
But remember that the responsability for the proper use of this knowledge will be yours. The mere possession of the knowledge will avail you nothing. Its use is what will count.

Chapter 10: Self-discipline

The man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his own mind may take possession of everything else to which he is justly entitled.

-- Andrew Carnegie

We shall now reveal the methods by which one may take possession of his own mind.

Those who knew him best (Carnegie), say that his most outstanding trait of character consisted in the fact that he took full possession of his own mind at an early age, and never gave up any portion of his right to think his own thoughts.

What a blessing it would be if every man could truthfully say "I am the master of my fate; I am the Captain of my soul."
We go all the way through life searching for freedom of body and mind, yet most men never find it! Why? The Creator provided the means by which men may be free, and gave every man access to these means; and also inspired every man with impelling motives for the attainment of freedom. Why then do men go through life imprisoned in a jail of their own making, when the key to the door is so easily withing their reach? The jail of poverty, the jail of ill health, the fail of fear, the jail of ignorance.

Most men look for freedom of body and mind everywhere except the one and only source from which it may come - within their own minds.

The desire for riches is also a universal desire, but most men never come within sight of the real riches of life because they do not recognize that all riches begin within their own minds.
Men searches all their lives for power and fame without attaining either, because they do not recognize that the real source of both is withing their own minds.
The mechanism of the mind is a profound system of organized power which can be released only by one means, and that is by strict self-discipline.

The mind that is properly disciplined and directed to definite ends is an irresistible power that recognizes no such reality as permanent defeat. It organizes defeat and convert it into victory; makes stepping-stones of stumbling-blocks; hitches its wagon to a star and uses the forces of the universe to carry it withing easy grasp of its every desire.
And the man who masters himself through self-discipline never can be mastered by others!

Self-discipline is one of the twelve riches, but it is much more; it is an important prerequisite for the attainment of all riches, including freedom of body and mind, power and fame, and all the material things that men call wealth.
It is the sole means by which one may focus the mind upon the objective of a Definite Major Purpose until the law of Cosmic Habitforce takes over the pattern of that purpose and begins to translate it into tis material equivalent.
It is the source of all persistence and the means by which one may develop the habit of carrying through his plans and purposes.
It is the power with which all though habits are patterned and sustained until they are taken over by the law of Cosmic Habitforce and carried out to their logical climax.
It is the means by which one may take full and complete control of his mind and direct it to whatever ends he may desire.
It is indispensable in all leadership.
And it is the power through which one may make of his conscience a co-operator and guide instead of a conspirator.
It is the policeman who clears the mind for the expression of Faith, by the mastery of all fears.
It clears the mind for the expression of Imagination and of Creative Vision.
It does away with indecision and doubt.
It helps one to create and to sustain the "prosperity consciousness" that is essential for the accumulation of material riches, and the "health consciousness" necessary for the maintenance of sound physical health.
Also, it operates entirely through the functioning system of the mind.

Then ten factors of the "Mechanism" of Thought

Some of them operate automatically, while others must be directed through voluntary effort. Self-discipline is the sole means of this direction.

1. Infinite Intelligence

The source of all power of thought, which operates automatically, but it may be organized and directed to definite ends through Definiteness of Purpose.

Infinite Intelligence bay be likened to a great reservoir of water that overflows continuously, its branches flowing in small streams in many directions, and giving life to all vegetation and all living things. That portion of the stream which gives life to man supplies him also with the power of thought.
The brain of man may be likened to the water spigot, while the water flowing through the spigot represents Infinite Intelligence. The brain does not generate the power of thought; it merely receives that power from Infinite Intelligence and applies it to whatever ends the individual desires.
This privilege of the control and the direction of thought is the only prerogative over which an individual has been given complete control. He may use it to build or to destroy. He may give it direction, through Definiteness of Purpose, or he may neglect to do so. The exercice of this great privilege is attained solely by self-discipline.

2. The conscious mind

The individual mind functions through two departments. One is known as the conscious section of the mind; the other as the sub-conscious. They are comparable to an iceberg. The visible portion above the water line representing the conscious section, the invisible portion the sub-conscious. That conscious section that we voluntarily turn on the power of thought is but a small portion of the whole. The sub-conscious section operates automatically. It carries on all the necessary functions of the physical body; keeps the heart beating to circulate the blood; assimilates the food through a perfect system of chemistry, and delivers the food in liquid form throughout the body; remove worn out cells and replaces them with new cells; removes bacteria which are deleterious to health; creates new physical beings by the blending of the cells of protoplasm. It also serves as the connecting link between the conscious mind and Infinite Intelligence.

It may be likened to the spigot of the conscious mind, through which more thought power may be turned on. Or like a rich garden spot wherein may be planted and germinated the seed of any desired idea.
It is the only means of voluntary approach to Infinite Intelligence. It is the medium by which all prayers are conveyed and all answers to prayer are received.
It is the medium that translates one's Definite Major Purpose into its materia equivalent, a process which consists entirely in guidance of the individual in the proper use of the natural means of attaining the objects of his desires.

The sub-conscious section of the mind acts upon all impulses of though, carrying out to their logical conclusion all thoughts which are definitely shaped by the conscious mind, but it gives preference to thoughts inspired by emotional feeling, such as the emotion of fear or the emotion of Faith; hence the necessity for self-discipline as a means of providing the sub-conscious mind with only those thoughts or desires which lead to the attainment of whatever one wishes.

The sub-conscious gives also preference to the dominating thoughts of the mind - those thoughts which one create by the repetition of ideas or desires. This fact explains the importance of adopting a Definite Major Purpose and the necessity of fixing that purpose (through self-discipline) as a dominating thought of the mind.

3. The faculty of reason

This is the "presiding judge" of the conscious section of the mind which may pass judgment on all ideas, plans and desires, and it will do so if it is directed by self-discipline. But its decisions can be set aside by the power of the will, or modified by the power of the emotions when the will does not interferer.
Accurate thinking requires the co-operation of the faculty of reason, although it is a requirement which not more than one person in evey ten thousand respects. This explains why there are so few accurate thinkers.
Most so-called thinking is the work of the emotions without the guiding influence of self-discipline; without relationship to either the power of the will or the faculty of reason.

5. The faculty of the emotions

This is the source of most of the actions of the mind, the seat of most of the thoughts released by the conscious section of the mind. The emotions are tricky and undependable and may be very dangerous if they are not modifier by the faculty of reason under the direction of the faculty of the will.

However, the faculty of the emotions is not to be condemned because of its undependability, for it is the source of all enthusiasm, imagination and Creative Vision, and it may be directed by self-discipline to the development of these essentials of individual achievement. The direction may be given by modification fo the emotions through the faculties of the will and the reason.

Accurate thinking is not possible without complete mastery of the emotions. Mastery is attained by placing the emotions under the control of the will, thus preparing them for direction to whatever ends the will may dictate. Modifying them when necessary through the faculty of reason.

The accurate thinker has no opinions and makes no decisions which have not been submitted to, and passed upon by, the faculties of the will and the reason. He uses his emotions to inspire the creation of ideas through his imagination, but refines his ideas through his will and reason before their final acceptance.
This is self-discipline of the highest order. The procedure is imple but it is not easy to follow; and it is never followed except by the accurate thinker who moves on his own personal initiative.

The more important of the 12 riches, such as 1/ mental attitude 2/ harmony in human relationships 3/ freedom from fear 4/ hope of achievement 5/ capacity of faith 6/ open mind on all subjects 7/ sound physical health, are attainable only by a strict direction and control of all the emotions. This does not mean that the emotions should be supressed, but they must be controlled and directed to definite ends.
The emotions may be likened to steam in a boiler, the power of which consists in its release and direction through the mechanism of an engine. Uncontrolled steam has no power. It must be released through a device (self-discipline) in connection with the control and release of emotional power.

The emotions which are most important and most dangerous are 1/ emotion of sex 2/ emotion of love 3/ emotion of fear.
The emotions of love and sex are creative, when controlled and directed they inspire one with imagination and creative cision of stupendous proportions. If not, they may lead one to indulge in destructive follies.

6. The faculty of imagination

This is the workshop wherein are shaped and fashioned all desires, ideas, plans and purposes, together with the means of attaining them. Through organized use and self-discipline, the imagination may be developed to the status of Creative Vision.
But it's also tricky and undependable if it is not controlled and directed by self-discipline. Without control it often dissipates the power of thought in useless, impractical and destructive activities. Uncontrolled imagination is the stuff that day dreams are made of.

Control of the imagination begins with the adoption of definiteness of purpose based on definite plans. The control is completed by strict habits of self-discipline which give definite direction to the faculty of the emotions, for the power of the emotions is the power that inspires the imagination to action.

7. The faculty of the conscience

It is the moral guide of the mind, and its major purpose is taht of modifying the individual's aims and purposes so that they harmonize with the moral laws of nature and of mankind.
The conscience is a twin-brother of the faculty of reason in that it gives discrimination and guidance to the reason when readon is in doubt.
The conscience functions as a co-operative guide only so long as it is respected and followed. If it is neglected, or its mandates are rejected, it finally becomes a conspirator instead of a guide, and often volunteers ot justify man's most destructive habits. Thus the dual nature of the conscience makes it necessary for one to direct it through strict self-discipline.

8. The sixth sense

This is the "broadcasting station" of the mind through which one automatically sends and receives the vibrations of thought. It is the medium through which all thought impulses known as "hunches" are received, and it is closely related to, or perhaps it may be a part of the sub-conscious section of the mind.
It is the medium through which Creative Vision operates, and all new ideas are revealed, it is the major asset of the minds of all men who are recognized as "geniuses".

9. The Memory

This is the "filling cabinet" of the brain, wherein is stored all thought impulses, all experiences and all sensations that reach the brain through the five physical senses.

10. The five physical senses

These are the physical "arms" of the brain through which it contacts the external world and acquires information. Under any kind of intense emotional activity the sense become confused and unreliable.

Control of Though Habits

We briefly described the ten factors which enter into all mental activities of man.
Self-discipline is attained by the control of thought habits. All discipline of self must take place in the mind, although it effects may deal with the functions of the physical body.
You are where you are and what you are because of your habits of thought.
Your thoughts habits are subject to your control.
They are the only cricumstances of your life over which you have complete control, which is the most profound of all the facts of your life because it clearly proves that your Creator recognized the necessity of this great prerogative.

Self-discipline is the principle by which one may voluntarily shape the patterns of though to harmonize with his aims and purposes.
This privilege carries with it a heavy responsibility because it is the one privilege which determines, more than all others, the position in life which each man shall occupy.
If neglected, the circumstances of life which are beyond one's control will do the job; and what an extremely poor job it often becomes.
Every man is a bundle of habits. Some are of his own making while others are involuntary. They are made by his fears and doubts and worries and ancieties and greed and superstition and envy and hatred.
Self-discipline is the only means by which one's habits of thought may be controlled and directed until they are taken over and given automatic expression by the law of Cosmic Habitforce. Ponder this thought carefully, for it is the key to your mental, physical and spiritual destiny.
You can make your thought habits to order and they will carry you to the attainment of any desired goal within your reach.
You can keep your mind trained on that which you desire from Life and get just that. Your thoughts habits evolve from the food that your mind dwells upon.
Awake, arise and quicken your mind to the attunement of the circumstances of life which your hear craves.
Turn on the full powers of your will and take complete control of your own mind. It is your mind! It was given to you as a servant to carry out your desires. And no one may enter it or influence it in the slightest degree without your consent and co-operation.
You are not a worm made to crawl in the dust of the earth.
Your physical body was designed to enable you to stand and to walk and to think your way to the highest attainment which you are capable of conceiving. Why be contented with less? Why should you insult your Creator by indifference or neglect in the use of His most priceless gift - the power of your own mind?

Tap your inexhaustible Mind-Power

The potential powers of the human mind are beyond comprehension.
One of the great mysteries which has endured down through the ages consists in man's neglect to recognize and to use these powers as a means of shaping his own earthly destiny.
The mind has been cleverly provided with a gateway of approach to Infinite Intelligence, through the subconscious section of the mind; and this gateway has been so arranged that it can be opened for voluntary use by preparation through that state of minf known as Faith.
It has been provided with the faculty of imagination wherein may be fashioned ways and means of translating hope and purpose into physical realities.
It has been provided with the stimulative capacity of desire and enthusiasm with which one's plans and purposes may be given action.
It has been provided with the power of the will through which both plan and purpose may be sustained indefinitely.
It has been given the capacity for Faith, through which the will and the reasoning faculty may be subdues while the entire machinery of the brain is turned oever to the guiding force of Infinite Intelligence; and it has been prepared, through a sixth sense, for direct connection with other minds from which it may add to its own power the stimulative forces of other minds which serve so effectively to stimulate the imagination.
It has been given the capacity to reason, through which facts and theories may be combined into hypotheses, ideas and plans.
It has been given the power to project itself into other minds, through what is known as telepathy.
It has been given the power of deduction by which it may foretell the future by analysis of the past. This capacity explains why the philosopher looks backward in order that he may see the future.
It has been provided with the means of selection, modification and control of the nature of its thoughts, thereby giving to man the privilege of building his own character to order, to fit any desired pattern, and the power to determine the kind of thoughts which shall dominate his mind.
It has been provided with a marvelous filing system for receiving, recording and recalling every thought it has expressed, through what is known as a memory, and this marvelous system automatically classifies and iles related thoughts in such a manner that the recall of one particular thought leads to the recall of associated thoughts.
It has been provided with the power of emotion through which it can stimulate at will the body for any desired action.
It has been given the power to function secretly and silently, therby insuring privacy of thought under all circumstances.
It has an unlimited capacity to receive, organize, store and express knowledge on all subjects, in both the fields of physics and metaphysics, the outer world and the inner world.
It has the power to aid in the maintenance of sound physical health, and apparently it is the sole source of cure of physical ills, all other sources being merely coutributory; and it maintains a perfect repair system for the upkeep of the physical body - a system that works automatically.
It maintains and automatically operates a marvelous system of chemistry through which it converts food into suitable combinations for the maintenance and repair of the body.
It automatically operate the heart through which the blood stream distributes food to every portion of the body and removes all waste material and worn out cells of the body.
It has the power of self-discipline through which it can form any desired habit and maintain it until it is taken over by the law of Cosmic Habitforce and is given automatic expression.
It is the common meeting ground wherein man may commune with Infinite Intelligence, through prayer by the simple process of opening the gateway of approach through the subconscious section of the mind, by Faith.
It is the sole producer of every idea, every tool, every machine and every mechanical invention created by man for his convenience in the business of living in a material world.
It is the sole source of all happiness and all misery, and of both poverty and riches of every nature whatsoever, and it devotes its energies to the expression of whichever of these that dominates the mind through the power of thought.
It is the source of all human relationships, and all forms of intercourse between men; the builder of friendships and the creator of enemies, according to the manner in which it is directed.
It has the power to resist and defend itself against all external circumstances and conditions, although it cannot always control them.
It has no limitations within reason. "whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."
It has the power to change from one mood to another at will. Therefore it need never be damaged beyong repair by any kind of discouragement.
It can relax into temporary oblivion through sleep, and prepare itself for a fresh start within a few horus.
It grows strongger and more dependable the more it is controlled, directed to definite ends and used voluntarily.
It can convert sound into music that rests and soothes both the body and the soul.
It can send the sound of the human voice around the earth in a fraction of a minute.
It can make two blades of grass grow where but one grew before.
It can build a printing press that receives a roll of paper at one end and turns out a completely printed and bound book at the other end, in a few moments.
It can call back the sunlight at will, at any time of the day, by merely causin the pushing of a button.
It can convert water into steam power and steam into electric power.
The mind can control the temperature of hear at will and it can create fire by rubbing two sticks together.
It can produce music by drawing a hair from the tail of a horse across strings made from the internals of a cat.
It can accurately locate any position on earth by observation of the position of the stars.
It can harness the law of gravitation and make it do the work of man and beast in ways too numerous for mention.
It can build an airplane that will safely transport human beings through the air.
It can build a machine that will penetrate the human body with light and photograph the bones and the soft tissues without injury.
It has the power of clairvoyance through which it can discern physical objects not present or visible to the naked eye.
It can clear the jungle and convert the desert into a garden spot of productivity.
It can harness the waves of the oceans and convert them into power for the operation of machinery.
It can produce glass that will not break and convert wood pulp into clothing.
It can transform the stumbling-blocks of failure into stepping-stones of achievement.
It can build a machien that can detect falsehoods.
It can accurately measure any circle by the smallest fragment of its arc.
It can produce rubber from chemicals.
It can reproduce a picture of any material object, by television, without the aid of the human eye.
It can determine the sixe, weight, and material contents of the sun, over 93,000,000 miles away, by analysis of the sun's rays of light.
It can create a mechanical eye that can detect the presence of airplanes or submarines, or any other physical object, hundreds of miles distant.
It can seal hermetically any type of food and preserve it indefinitely.
It can record and reproduce any sound, including the human voice, with the aid of a machine and a piece of wax.
It can record and reproduce pictures of any kind of physical motion, with the aid of a piece of glass and a strip of celluloid.
It can build a machine that will travel in the air, on the ground or under the water.
It can build a machine that will plough its way through the thickest forest, smashing trees as if they were cornstalks.
It can build a shovel that will lift as many tons of dirt in a minute as ten men could move in a day.
It can harness the magnetic poles of the northern and southern portions of the earth, with the aid od a compass, and determine direction accurately.
Great and powerful is the mind of man, and it shall yet perform feats which will make all the foregoing seem as trifles by comparison.

Negative thoughts lead to self-destruction

And yet, despite all this astounding power of the mind the great majority of the people make no attempt to take control of their minds and they suffer themselves to become cowed by fears or difficulties which do not exist save in their own imagination.
The arch enemy of mankind is fear!
We fear poverty in the midst of an over-abundance of riches!
We fear ill health despite the ingenious system nature has provided with which the physical body is automatically maintained, repaired and kept in working order.
We fear criticism when there are no critics save only those which we set up in our own minds through the negative use of our imagination.
We fear the loss of love of friends and relatives although we know well wnough that our own conduct may be sufficient to maintain love through all ordinary circumstances of human relationship.
We fear old age whereas we should accept it as a medium of great wisdom and understanding.
We fear the loss of liberty although we know that liberty is a matter of harmonious relationship with others.
We fear death when we know it is inevitable; therefore beyond our control.
We fear failure, not recognizing that every failure carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit.
And we feared the lightning until Franklin and Edison and a few other rare individuals, who dared to take possession of their own minds, proved that lightning is a form of physical energy which can be harnessed and used for the benefit of mankind.

Instead of opening our minds for the guidance of Infinite Intelligence, through Faith, we close our minds tightly with every conceivable shade and degree of well-imposed limitation based upon unnecessary fears.
We know that man is the master of every other living creature on this earth, yet we fail to look about us and learn from birds of the air and beasts of the jungle that even the dumb animals have been wisely provided with food and all the nevessities of their existence through the universal plan which makes all fears groundless and foolish.
We complain of lack of opportunity and cry out against those who dare to take possession of their own minds, not recognizing that every man who has a sound mind has the right and the power to provide himself with every material thing he needs or can use.
We fear the discomfort of physical pain, not recognizing that pain is a universal language through which man is warned of evils and dangers that need correction.
Because of our fears we go to the Creator with prayers over pretty details which we could and should settle for ourselves, then give up and lose Faith. Instead of prayer to express thanks for the bountiful blessings which we have been provided through the power of our minds.
We talk and preach sermons about sin, failing to recognize that the greatest of all sins is that of the loss of Faith in an all-wise Creator who has provided His children with more blessings than any earthly parent ever thinks of providing for his own children.
We convert the revelations of invention into the tools of destruction through what we politely call "war", then cry out in protest when the law of compensation pays us off with famines and business depressions.
We abuse the power of the mind in ways too numerous for mention because we have not recognized that this power can be harnessed through self-discipline, and used to serve our needs.
Thus we go all the way through life, eating the husks and throwing away the kernels of plenty!