I give the greater part of my vast fortune, which consists of the philosophy of individual achievement, through which of my riches were accumulated.

We have never yet found a truly happy person who was not engaged in some form of service by which others were benefited.

Chapter 1: The twelve riches of life

There is no such thing as something for nothing.

Your two selves

The riches you possess, of which you may not be conscious.
You and every other person consist of at least two distinct personalities.
There is that self which you recognize when you look into a mirror. That is your physical self. But it is only the house in which your other selves live in. In that house there are at least two individuals who are eternally in conflic with each other.

One is a negative sort of person who thinks and moves and lives in an atmosphere of doubt and fear and povery and ill health.
Your "other self" is a positive sort of person who thinks in dynamic, affirmative terms of wealth, sound health, love, and friendship, personal achievement, creative vision, service to others, and who guides you unerringly to the attainment of these blessings.

Your "vibration center", a sort of radio broadcasting. To receive messages of great importance to your success in living. A two-way communication system of infinite capacity.
Your radio station operates automatically and continuously, asleep or awake. It is under control either your negative or positife self.

The greatest gift

Your positive personality.
All individual success which endure have had their beginning through the beneficent influence of some other individual, through some form of sharing.

1. A positive mental attitude

All riches, of whatever nature, begin as a state of mind; and it is the one and only thing over which any person has complete, unchallenged right of control.
It is highly significant that the Creator provided man with control over nothing except the power to shape his own thoughts and the privilege of fitting them to any pattern of his choice.
Mental attitude convert the brain into an electro-magnet which attracts the counterpart of one's dominating thoughts, aims and purpose.

balance work with play, worship with love, and wisdom of eating to live rather than living to eat.

2. Sound Physical Health

Health consciounsness: think in term of health, temperance of habits in eating, balanced physical activities.

3. Harmony in Human Relationship

It begin with one's self.

"To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."

-- Shakespeare

4. Freedom from Fear

No man who fears anything is a free man.

5. The hope of achievement

The greatest forms of happiness comes as a result of hope of achievement of some of yet unattained desire.
Poor beyond descriptions is the person who cannot look to the future with hope that he will become the person he would like to be.

6. The capactity of Faith

Faith is the connecting link between the conscious mind of man and the great universal reservoir of Infinite Intelligence.
It is the fertile soil of the garden of the human mind wherein may be produced all of the riches of life.
It is the eternal elixir which gives creative power and action to the impulse of thoughts.
It is the only power through which the Cosmic Force of Infinite Intelligence may be appropriated to the uses of man.

7. Willingness to share one's blessings

He who has not learned the blessed art of sharing has not learned the true path of happiness.
Riches may be embellished and multiplied by the simple process of sharing them where they may serve others.
The space that one occupies in the heart of his fellowmen is determined precisely by the service he renders through some form of sharing his blessings.

Riches which are not shared wither and die like the rose on a severed stem, for inaction and disuse lead to decay and death.

8. A labor of love

There can be no richer man than he who has found a labor of love and who is busily engaged in performing it. For labor is the highest form of human expression of desire.
Labor is the forerunner of all human progress, the medium by which the imagination of man is given the wings of action.

9. An open mind on all subjects

Only the man with an open mind becomes truly educated and thus is prepared to avail himself of the greater riches of life.

10. Self-discipline

The man who is not the master of himself may never become the master of anything.
The highest form of self-discipline consists in the expression of humility of the heart when one has attained great riches.

11. The capacity to understand people

All human activities are inspired by one or more of the nine basic motives:

The man who would understand others must first understand himself.
It is the foundation of all friendship.

12. Economic security

Economic security is not attained by the possession of money alone. It is attained by the service one renders, for useful service may be converted into all forms of human needs.

Your mind must be conditioned for the acceptance of riches just as the soil of the earth must be prepared for the planting of seeds.
When one is ready for a thing it is sure to appear!

Do the thing, and you shall have the power.

-- Emerson

All who acquire enduring riches have ascended the ladder of opulence with two outstreched hands; one extended upward to receive the help of others who have reached the peak, and the other extended downward to aid some who are still climbing.

They have been the real "conditioners" of my mind, the builders of my positive mental attitude.

Chapter 2: The eight princes

Every night as the last order of the day's activities. To express my gratitude for the service they have rendered me during the day.
Exactly as if the Princes existed in the flesh. It is a time for meditation, review, and thanksgiving, with contact made through the power of thought.


Today has been beautiful
It has provided me with health of body and mind.
It has given me the food and clothing.
It has brought me another day of opportunity to be of service to others.
It has given me peace of mind and freedom from all fear.
For these blessings I am grateful to you, my Princes of Guidance.

Prince of Material prosperity, I am grateful to you for having kept my mind attuned to the consciousness of opulence and plenty, and free from the fear of poverty and want.

Prince of sound physical health, I am grateful to you for having attuned my mind to the consciousness of sound health, every cell of my body and every physical organ is being adequately supplied with an inflow of cosmic energy sufficient unto its needs.

Prince of Peace of Mind, I am grateful to you for having kept my mind free from all inhibitions and self-imposed limitations, providing my body and mind with complete rest.

Prince of Hope, I am grateful to you for the fulfillment of today's desires, and for your promise of fulfillment of tomorrow's aims.

Prince of Faith, I am grateful to you for the guidance which you have given me, for your having inspired me to do that which has been helpful to me, and for turning me back from doing taht which had it been done would have proven harmful to me.
You have given power to my thoughts, momentum to my deeds, and the wisdom which has enabled me to understand the laws of Nature.

Prince of Love, I am grateful to you for having inspired me to share my riches with all whom I have contacted this day; That only which I give away can I retain as my own.

Prince of romance, I am grateful to you for having inspired me with the spirit of youth despite the passing of the years.

Prince of Overall Wisdom, my eternal gratitude to you for having transmuted into an enduring asset of priceless value all of my past failures, defeats, errors of judgment and of deed, all fears, mistakes, disappointments, and adversities of every nature.
The asset consisting of my willingness and ability to inspire others to take possession of their own minds and to use their mind-power for the attainment of the riches of life, thus providing me with the privilege of sharing all of my blessings with those who are ready to receive them, and thereby enriching and multiplying my own blessings by the scope of their benefits to others.
My gratitude for revealing me that the power of thought is the only power over which I have complete control, that the power of thought may be translated into happiness at will, that there are no limitations to my power of thought.

The princes serve as the medium through which I keep my mind fixed upon the things I desire and off the things I do not desire.
They help me to keep my mind fixed upn my major purpose in life, and to give the fullest expression to the attainment of that puropose.
They keep me at peace with myself, at peace with the world, and in harmony with my own conscience.
They have proced times without number, that every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit.
They have taught me that it is more blessed to render useful services than to accept the service of others.
They have taught me to be still and to listen from within.
They have given me faith to enable me to override my reason and to accept guidance from within; with full confidence and that the small still voice which speaks from within is superior to my own powers of reason.

A happy Man's Creed

I have found happiness by helping others to find it.
I eat only the foods which Nature requires for body maintenance.
I am free from fear in all of its forms.
I hate no man, envy no man, but love all mindkind.
I am engaged in a labor of love with which I mix play generously.
I give thanks daily, for wisdom to recognize
I speak no name save only to honor it.
I ask no favors of anyone except the privilege of sharing my riches with all who will receive them.
I am on good terms with my conscience.
I have no enemies because I injure no man for any cause, but I benefit all with whom I come into contact.
I have more material wealth than I need because I am free from greed.

Workings of the Master-Key

The Master-Key secret consists in the combination of these seventeen principles.

Chapter 3: Definiteness of purpose

It is impressive to recognize that all of the great leaders in all walks of life and during all periods of history, have attained their eladership by the application of their abilities behind a definite major purpose.
It is no less impressive to observe that those who are classified as failures have no such purpose, but go around and around, like a ship without a ruddler, coming back always empty-handed, to their starting point.

Temporary defeat is but a testing ground which may prove a blessing in disguise.

It has been my experience that a man who cannot reach a decision promptly, oncw he has all of the necessary facts for decision at hand, cannot be depended upon to carry through any decision he may make. Men who reach decision promptly usually have the capacity to move with definiteness of purpose.

To test if you have in you a natural capacity for willingness to go the extra mile by rendering service before trying to collect pay for it.

20 years later, what compensation has been received for this labor?
A complete answer to this question would be impossible, for the man himself does not know the total value of the benefit received.
The profit from the book go beyond $ 3,000,000 and it was written in 4 months.

Definiteness of purpose and the habit of going the extra mile constitute a force which staggers the imagination of even the most imaginative of people.

The power of definite purpose

First premise

The starting point of all individual achievement is the adoption of a definite purpose and a definite plan for its attainment.

Second premise

All achievement is the result of a motive or combination of motives of, which there are nine basic motives which govern all voluntary actions.

Third premise

Any dominating idea, plan or purpose held in the mind, through repetition of thought, and emotionallized with a burning desire for its realization, is taken over by the subconscious and acted upon, and it is thus carried through to its logical climax by whatever means may be available.

Fourth premise

Any dominating desire, plan or purpose held in the conscious mind and backed by absolute faith in its realization, is taken over and acted upon immediately by the subconscious, and there is no known recod of this kind of a desire having ever been without fulfilment.

Fifth premise

The power of thought is the only thing over which any person has complete, unquestionable control - a fact so astounding that it connotes a close relationship between the mind of man and the Universal Mind of Infinite Intelligence, the connecting link between the two being Faith.

Sixth premise

The subconscious portion of the mind is the doorway to Infinite Intelligence, and it responds to one's demands in exact proportion to the quality of one's Faith. The subconscious mind may be reached through faith and given instructions as thought it were a person of a complete entity unto itself.

Seventh premise

A definite purpose, backed by absolute faith, is a form of wisdom, and wisdom in action produces positive results.

The major advantages of definiteness of purpose

It develops self-reliance, personal initiative, imagination, enthusiasm, self-discipline and concentration of effort, and all of therse are prerequisites for the attainment of material success.
It induces one to budget his time and to plan all his day-to-day endeavors so they lead toward the attainment of his Major Purpose in life.
It makes one more alert in the recognition of opportunities related to the object of one's Major Purpose, and it inspires the necessary courage to act upon those opportunities when they appear.
It inspires the co-operation of other people.
It prepares the way for the full exercice of that state of mind known as Faith, by making the mind positive and freing it from the limitations of fear and doubt and indecision.
It provides one with a success consciousness without which no one may attain enduring success in any calling.
It overcomes the destructive habit of procrastination.
Lastly, it leads directly to the development and the continuous maintenance of the first of the Twelve Riches, a positive mental attitude.