The no TV benefits

It's still early, but I can see some changes since we don't "feed" Lilou with TV anymore.

It forces me to get closer to her.
Before, I would just turn on the TV as a response to her cry, or to have more time on the computer, or to cook or clean…

It's so easy, you press one button and the cry stops instantaneously.
And the best part: she never get bored of it. She can watch youtube kids channels for more than two hours in a row without complaining.

Now what happens when you don't use this magic weapon?
First, we're forced to think what to do. We both got to think what to do together.

Once Lilou understood there were no TV, and after rolling on the floor for one hour, she started to look for alternatives by herself. And I started to look for meaningful activities for her. It's a mind shift. If there's no TV, we adapt.

When you're so bored sitting on the same sofa, the same bed, the same floor for the whole day,
When you're so bored playing the same little games, you can possibly imagine your brain will work harder than if you were to be passively entertained by a TV screen.

TV is candy for the mind: it tastes good, but it doesn't do any good.
Instant gratification versus delayed gratification, once again.