Is Lilou an introvert or an extrovert?

Some people say you can know from a very young age if a toddler is going to be introvert or extrovert with playing loud music.
Extrovert will be attracted to it, and introvert would rather try to hide from it.

For now, it's pretty balance for her. She has her moment when she's attraced to noise, and her moments when she prefers solitude and calm.
About social interaction (with kids or adults), she also has two attitudes. She can interact with ease, or retreat and show some shyness.
But as a general rule, she prefers to observe and then go to others. She's not comfortable when people come to her all of a sudden.

As for a pronostic, I'm sure she won't be as introvert as I am, but she won't be a total extrovert either. For now, she's slightly more introverted.