A long walk to make Lilou sleep

She slept only short with her mum at noon, so she was very likely to sleep in the afternoon like she usually do…

almost there…

…but a few minutes later she suddenly was back on her feet, with a surge of energy

At ease in her element:

this magic park not only wake her up, but also put her in a good mood

Meanwhile, a few meters away, busy street

But it's not disturbing her

We took lots of shots…

A little rest


We met a fearful, skinny vietnamese cat near the market
When you see one, you understand why they are not local's bestfriends: scary, thief, dirty, not showing any affection. That's very sad when you know cats from a different continent. It's like two different species.
(The environment shape us, and animals too.)

Back home, she didn't sleep for the whole walk, I was tricked!
She tries to copy me brushing teeth

Time pass by and she still doesn't sleep.
She rather prefers to see how the front door lock works

(she took all the ten keys we have, and tried them one by one, to see which one match. That was a serious job.)

End of the story: