Why did lilou threw up again

Maybe it was still early for her to eat "normal food" again.

Here is what she ate yesterday with me:

  1. Corn flakes
  2. -- Drink water
  3. Pasta with ketchup
  4. -- Drink water
  5. Two Bananas
  6. -- Drink water
  7. Dumpling with rice (barely touched it)
  8. -- Drink water
  9. Three Spring rolls
  10. -- Drink water

She didn't eat the rice that came with the spring rolls, eventhough I poured a little soy sauce on it.

I cooked the spring rolls on the pan, but without using any oil at all.

I first gave her one. She liked it and asked for another one.
She was so fast to eat the second one. She's not shewing it, but she's swallowing it raw.
Then, although she was asking for the third one, I paused. She kept insisting with using her stool to grab another one from the frying pan on the stove.

She ate the third one as fast as the second one. Then she still was asking for more, and I really stopped her, eventhough she was crying for it. I had to play with her toys to grab her attention on something else.

The culpit: spring rolls that actually does not contains meat but shrimp and crabe: