The best food in the world vanishes in front of me

It surely already happened to you that you're about to experience something great, only to realize that is was just a dream. Like eating a great food, or opening a treasure chest.

Here I traveled 200 km and paid an expensive entry fee to enter into a famous attraction park. One of the attraction consisted in eating different best tasting food for 10 min each.

I was walking nearby, each food specialty was kept in a small house. You just had to enter from one to another.
I saw many left-over spread on the ground, and even untouched food, as you might expect when the quantity seems almost unlimited. It was like a "eat all you can" split into 20 houses, each of which had a 10 minute time-limit.

I was pondering which house to enter first (the one I desire the most, or should I keep it for then end?), what order should I follow through, and what quantity should I intake for each house so that I can still be hungry to try them all?

The moment I was about to enter the first house, I heard a loud noise, and that was the real Lilou throwing up and crying. My dream suddenly vanished.

Thinking about it, I probably wouldn't even remember that dream if hasn't been interrupted.
The other positive note is, I got my phone screen broken at that park, I was sad about it, so I'm glad it was just a dream after all.

It's amazing all the details a dream can contains. I remember precisely the place where I saw my broken phone, with the impact on the screen, and the people around, and what they exactly said to me, and what I replied back.

Still, that was frustrating. I saw everyone enjoying eating those most delicious food. Chocolates, cakes, sandwiches, even a penguin box (I don't know what was inside).

I was so eager to try them. I was excited. I can't believe such a brutal ending.