New Fiverr order from the US

Sometimes, Fiverr orders can smell like a trap. And I think this is one of it.

Reading the description of the request, you end up with asking: how can I actually help this guy?

Here is his request:

Hey there.. I hope you can help me. I have been locked out of my Mac for 3 months now and even if I have other Mac devices.. my Mac Pro helps me run my business and online classes I take.Needless to say it’s important. I have gone to the apple store but because I don’t have a receipt for a 10y Mac and my brother who’s in the military ( original owner) has no idea.. i am helpless. I don’t want to try any of these half baked ideas I have seen and heard of and risk damaging my computer..if I had known that backing up files would lock me out , I would have never tried to do this...because I wanted to reset it( have had other problems with people having access to my Mac device .. any advice or help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Update: it's done

I delivered the order with writting instructions (after a couple of chat to better understand the customer's situation).

I got positive feedback, and earned $4 (after 3 hours of implication).