First issue submited on a public Github project

As a developer I should have done this a long time ago already. But it turns out today was the first time I was using a library hosted on Github, and reported an "anormal" behaviour.

Here is the link to the issue I opened. It took me a while to make sure my message was well formulated, so that I don't look dumb to the world, and so that people don't loose their time trying to understand what I mean.

People maintaining projects in their free time are usually quite busy, so it's the least we can do to respect their time with clarifying as much as we can.

About the issue

The issue is simply that my text doesn't render as expected inside code blocks (using the triple backtits)

Other markdown-to-html converter doesn't have this issue when rendering the same piece of text, so I guess it's a problem specific to Showdownjs.
But it could possibly be a lack of knowledge about how to use it correctly.

For now, I'll just wait and see if I get any reply from the community.
Posting to the world, and waiting for feedbacks always feel thrilling!


The maintainer of Showdown replied with confirming it's a bug.
Wowow, so I officially submited a real bug on GitHub.
The next step would be to actually fix it and send a pull request.