"Why do you need a Master?" asked a visitor of one of the disciples.

"If water must be heated, it needs a vessel as an intermediary between the fire and itself" was the answer.


Each day the disciple would ask the same question: "How shall I find God?"

And each day he would get the same mysterious answer: "Through desire."

"But I desire God with all my heart, don't I? The why have I not found him?"

One day the Master happened to be bathing in the river with the disciple. He pushed the man's head underwater and held it there while the poor fellow struggled desperately to break loose.

Next day it was the Master who began the conversation "Why did you struggle so when I held your head under water?"

"Because I was gaspinf for air."

"When you are given the grace to gasp for God the way you gasped for air, you will have found him."


The Master became a legend in his lifetime. It was said that God once sought his advice: "I want to play a game of hide-and-seek with humankind. I've asked my Angels what the best place to hide in. Some say the depth of the ocean. Others the top of the highest mountain. Others still the fat side of the moon or a distant star. What do you suggest?"

Said the Master "Hide in the human heart. That's the last place they will think of!"


A snake in the village had bitten so many people that few dared go into the fields. Such was the Master's holiness that he was said to have tamed the snake and persuaded it to practice the discipline of nonviolence.

It did not take long for the villagers to discover that the snake had become harmless. They took to hurling stones at it and dragging it about by its tail.

The badly battered snake crawled into the Master's house oe night to complain. Said the Master, "Friend, you've stopped frightening people - that's bad!"

"But it was you who taught me to practice the discipline of nonviolence!"

"I told you to stop hurting people - not to stop hissing!"