When a disciple complained that the Master's spirituality needed updating the Mater laughed aloud. Then he told the story of a student who said, "Haven't you any more recent books on anatomy? These are at least ten years old."

Said the bookseller "Look, son, there have been no bones added to the human body in the last ten years."

"Neither" added the Master "has there been any addition to human nature in the last 10,000 years."

The Master once proposed a riddle: "What do the artist and the musician have in common with the mystic?"

Everyone gave up.

"The realization that the finest speech does not come from the tongue" said the Master.

The Master was walking down a street when a man rushed out of a doorway and the two collided with great force.

The man was beside himself with rage and exploded into abusive language.
The Master made a little bow, smiled pleasantly and said "My friend, I do not know which of us is responsible for this encounter, but I am not inclined to waste time investigating. If I ran into you, I beg your pardon; if you ran into me, don't mention it."

Then, with another smile and bow he walked away.

To a painter the Master said: "To be successful, every painter must invest hours in unremitting toil and effort."

"To some it will be given to let go of the ego as they paint. When this happens, a masterpiece is born."

Later, a disciple asked "Who is a Master?"

The Master replied "Anyone to whom it is given to let go of the ego. Such a person's life is then a masterpiece."

The Master always taught that Truth was right before our eyes and the reason we did not see it was our lack of perspective.

Once he took a disciple on a mountain trip. When they were halfway up the mountain the man glared at the underbrush and complained "Where's the beautiful scenery you are always talking about?"

The Master grinned "You're standing on top of it as you will see when we reach the peak."

"Where shall I find a worthy Master when I get bac to my country?"

"There isn't a single moment when you are without one."

The disciple was confused.

"Simply watching your reaction to everything - a bird, a leaf, a tear, a smile - makes everything your Master."