Said a recently arrived disciple to oe with more experience "why do I seem to gain so little from living with the Master?"

"Could it be because you came to learn spirituality from him?"

"What, may I ask did you come for?"

"To see him fasten his sandal straps!"

It was a joy to behold the Master perform the simplest acts - sit or walk or drink a cup of tea or drive away a fly. There was a grace in all he did that made him seem in harmony with Nature, as though his actions were produced not by him, but by the Universe.

Once when he received a parcel the disciples, spellbound, watched him reverently untie the string, unfold the paper and lift the contents as though the parcel were a living creature.

A religious woman told the Master she had been to confession that morning.

"I can't imagine you committing a grave sin" said the Master. "What did you confess?"

"Well, I was too lazy to go to Mass one Sunday, and I swore at the gardener once. And I once drove my mother-in-law out of the house for a whole week."

"But that heppened five years ago, didn't it? Surely you've been to confession since then."

"Yes, I have. But I confess it every time. I just like to remember it."

"Some day you will understand that you are seeking what you already have" said the Master to an intense disciple.

"Then why do I not see it now?"

"Because you are trying to."

"Must I then make no efforts?"

"If you relax and give it time, it will make itself known."

For people who practiced virtue in order to get God's friendship or favor, the Master had this to day:

A large crowd of people were taking part in a Cadillac giveaway contest sponsored by a soap manufacturer.

They were asked "Why do you like Heaven Scent Soap."

One woman's honest reply was "Because I'd love to own a Cadilliac."

"I have been four months with you and you have still given me no method or technique."

"A method?" said the Master. "What on earth would you want a method for?"

"To attain to inner freedom."

The Master roared with laughter. "You need great skill indeed to set yourself free by means of the trap called a method" he said.