Said the tourist "The people of your country are poor. But they never seem preoccupied."

Said the Master "That is because they never look at the clock."

A disciple had to rush back home when he got news that his house had burnt down.

He was an old man and everyoe commiserated with him on his return.
All that the Master said to him was, "This will make dying easier."

The Enlightened person, said the Master, is one who sees that everything in the world is perfect exactly as it is.

"What about the gardener?" someone asked "is he perfect too?"

The monastery gardener was a hunchback.

"For what he is meant to be in life." said the Master, "the gardener is a perfect hunchback."

The idea that everythig in the world is perfect was more than the disciples could accept. So the Master put it in concepts that were more withing their grasp. "God weaves perfect designs with the threads of our lives" he said "even with our sins. The reason we can't see this is we're looking at the reverse side of the tapestry."

And, more succintly "What some people take for a shiny stone the jeweller recognizes as a diamond."

The disciples were distressed to see the Master's teaching ridiculed in a national magazine.

The Master was unperturbed. "Could anything be really true" he said, "if no one laughed at it?"

Is his younger days the Master had been a political activist and had led a protest march against the government. Thousands of people had left their homes and jobs to join the agitation.

The march had hardly begun when he called the whole thing off "You simply cannot do this; this march had been planned for months and has cost the people dearly. They will accuse you of being inconsistent" said his agitated followers.

The Master was unmoved "My commitment is not to consistency" he said "but to the Truth."