"What is the secret of your serenity?"

Said the Master "whole-hearted co-operation with the inevitable."

The Master and a disciple came upon a blind man sitting on the sidewalk, begging.

said the Master "Give the man an alms."

The disciple dropped a coin in the beggar's hat.

Said the Master "You should have touched your hat as a mark of respect."

"Why?" asked the disciple.

"One always should when one gives an alms."

"But the man was blind."

"You never know" said the Master "He may have been a fraud."

The monastery was getting crowded and a larger building was needed, so a merchant wrote out a cheque for a million dollars and placed it before the Master who picked it up and said "Very well, I shall accept it."

The merchant was dissatisfied. That was a large sum of money and the Master hadn't even thanked him.

"There are a million dollars in that cheque" he said

"Yes, so I have observed."

"Even if I am a wealthy man, a million dollars is a lot of money."

"Do you want me to thank you for it?"

"You ought to."

"Why should I? The giver should be thankful" said the Master.

The Master's attitude to social service was perplexing. At times he was all for it. At others he seemed indifferent.

THe explanations he sometimes gave for this inconsistency were just as enigmatic. He said:

"The one who wishes to do good must knock at the gate.

For the one who loves,
the gate is always open."