"What does one need in order to be enlightened?" asked the disciples

Said the Master "You must discover what is that falls in the water and does not make a ripple;
move through the trees and does not make a sound;
enters the field and does not stir a single blade of grass."

After weeks of fruitless pondering, the disciples said "What is this thing?"

"Thing?" said the Master "But it isn't a thing at all."

"So it is nothing?"

"You might say so."

"Then how are we to search for it?"

"Did I tell you to search for it? It can be found but never searched for. Seek and you will xxx "

The Master overheard an actress discoursing on horoscopes at dinner time.

He learned over and said "You don't believe in astrology, do you?"

"Well" she replied "I believe in everything a little bit."

Someone asked the Master if he believed in luck.

"Certainly" he replied with a twinkle in his eye. "How else can one explain the success of people one does not like?"

The Master was unsparing of those who wallowed in self-pitying or resentment.

"To be wronged" he said "is nothing unless you insist on remembering it."

The Master once told a woman who complained to the police that she had been raped.

"Describe the man" said the officer.

"Well, to begin with he was an idiot!"

"An idiot, ma'am?"

"Yes. He didn't know a thing and I had to help him!"

That sounded less funny when the Master added: "Anytime you take offence find out how you helped the offender."

This raised a storm of protest, so he added "Can you offend you if you refuse to take offence?"

When asked how Scripture is to be used the Master told of the time he was a school teacher and set the students his question: "How would you determine the height of a building by means of an aneroid barometer?"

One bright student fellow replied "I would lower the barometer on a string and measure the string."

"Resourceful in his ignorance" was the Master's comment.

Then he added "Such is the resourcefulness and the ignorance of those who use their brain to understand Scripture which can as well be 'uderstood' by the brain as can a sunset or the ocean or the murmur of the night wind in the trees."