You can stop what you are doing right now and send an e-mail that contains Right Speech.

Remember that how you say something is as important as what you say.

Befriending silence is a process of learning to befriend yourself.

When you get into a conversation with someone, stay away from your own agenda. Ask a few open-ended questions that begin with “why,” “what,” or “how” to get the other person talking.

When you say something to someone, she may not accept it. Do not argue or try to explain it intellectually; just listen to her until she finds something wrong with her own objections.

When in doubt, go for kindness and postpone saying anything difficult.

When you live in the present moment, you can be aware of your intentions and can see their causal relationship with words.

If the point you want to make is sound and well grounded, there is no need for aggression or annoyance.

Speech is one area in which karma can be seen in an easy and direct way.

If you have questions or concerns, place them in the center of the circle for the whole group to contemplate and address.

Meditation siphons off the pools of old collected experience, allowing you to act skillfully and compassionately in the present instead of reacting to the past. Let go, forgive, and accept.

The way to break the cycle of doing harm and harm being done to you is to refrain from blowing up and to convert the angry energy into a determination to be tolerant and patient.

Recognize that words are imperfect, so give them limited importance.

A mindful listener is one who allows the speaker to express his heart and mind and expound on his ideas without censure.

Silence remains, inescapably, a form of speech. (Susan Sontag)

Negative speech creates an environment in which it becomes difficult to do anything positive. You cannot feel good about yourself when you intentionally hurt someone else.

Be mindful and let your speech come from the heart.

If you know anything that is helpful and true, find the right time. Think about what you are about to say; make sure that it will be helpful and also true, and the right time has come.

The right time to speak is when the other person is agreeable to listening and is peaceful. It should also be at a time when you have loving feelings for that other person.

Sitting meditation practice trains your mind to slow down and interrupt the speed of your thought process.

Listen without the imprisoning frame of your imagined and remembered stories, so you can truly communicate with others.

Satisfying short-term desires will never make you deeply happy or satisfied with life. Consider the long-term effects of your words and actions.

Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself? (Lao-tzu)

As you become more conscious, more aware, you discover the joys of listening and let go of your need to control a conversation.

Be quiet and let your actions speak for you.

How you speak to yourself can have a powerful effect on what happens in your life.

The act of saying something kind, true, and honest is in itself the reward.

If you want others to listen and understand you better, think about what makes you want to listen.

Mindful breathing is the first step to mindful communicating because it relaxes you in body and mind.

In any meeting, practice being open and listening to the experience and insight of others.

Imagine that all your comments and opinions are like drops of water falling into a pond and that the ripples represent the signals you send out to those around you.

Remember that you also communicate through energy, emotions, gestures, eye contact, and facial expressions.

As you connect with yourself, you begin connecting more deeply with other people. Without the first step, the second step is not possible.

The voice is a second face. (Gerard Bauer)

Regular practice of Right Speech develops integrity, character, and self-respect, and these qualities give speech and even silence a certain power that cannot be measured but is felt.