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What we think, we become: It was such a revelation is the self-help industry that we keep reading about it everywhere. But do we really understand how it works, and most importantly, do we actually use this revelation to our advantage ?

When you think about it, the first step, and certainly the most difficult, is to become aware of our thoughts throughought the day.

I cannot help but to think about my father inner-talk which was invisible, and yet powerfuly expressed in every word, every tune of voice, facial expression, and his every day's positivism and ideas. It just never came to my mind that he could have built this inner-talk by himself.

Why positive self-talk works!

As much as 77% of what you tell yourself may be working against you!

External solutions are temporary. The self-talk program leads to permanent behavioral change, because you control all the messages - silent, spoken or written - that your brain receives.

Chapter one - Looking for a better way

You are everything that is, your thoughts, your life, your dreams comes true.
You are everything you choose to be.
You are as unlimited as the endless universe.

Life, for most of us, should be pretty good.
We have all heard what life is supposed to offer: endless opportunities, the fulfillment of our dreams, and a chance to live each day in a way that brings happiness and success.

An unlimited life of practical potential

I learned all of the "shoulds", "musts", and "cannots". I was told that it was bad to have your head in the clouds and it was good to have your feet on the ground. So I extraced my head from the magical excitment of the universe and got down to business learning about the more practical matters of survival and acceptance.

Chapter two - The "Answers"

If we are to believe what read on the dust jackets of self-help best-sellers, all any of us has to do is read the right book and, beginning tomorrow, we will be able to change what we would life to change, live better, and find the achievement each of us is seeking.
Having spent more than twenty years studying most of the litterature of "success", I have found a consistent, unfulfilled promise - the promise of our success, waiting just around the corner.

I have learned that I can be hypnotized, processed, or reborn. I know that I can attend seminars which will give me the "answers"
I can become a goal-setter and a "true achiever". I can learn to organize my day, set my priorities, and accomplish more than I ever dreamed possible. I can learn to "think positively", be more creative, relate to others and become "centered". I have learned that success is mine for the talking; all I have to do is accept my estiny of achievement and greatness. I have read great words of wisdom and been told that I can change anything in my life I choose to change.

And yet, after learning these reat and marvelous truths, and some of them are, I would take with a grain of salt anyone's claim that they can give you the "secret of success". If anyone offers you the moon, don't buy it.
As much as I have been a student of success, I have also been a skeptic. For many years, I read and studied and listened. And I wondered: if there are so many "keys" to success, why aren't they working? Why are there shelves full of self-help best-sellers? It seemed to me that if the books were working as they ought to work, we shouldn't keep needing new ones. If there are so many answers to our questions about what to do to make life better, why have so many people failed at making these great ideas work?

The problem is not with the books. The problem is not with the seminars or with the motivational talks. There are a lot of self-help ideas and techniques that are good. They should work - and they could. But they don't work, or they don't keep working, because of something that all of us overlooked: That's not how the brain works.

The 148,000 "No's !"

During the first eighteen years of our lives, we were told "No !" 148,000 times.
Meanwhile during the same period, how often do you suppose you were told what you can do or what you can accomplish in life?
The "yes's" simply didn't balance the "no's"

In time we became what we most believed about ourselves.
Unless the programming we received is erased or replaced with different programming, it will stay with us permanently and affect and direct everything we do for the rest of our lives.

The end result of your own thoughts

"As a man thinketh, so is he." How could we possibly be what we think?
We become the living result of our own thoughts.
It is virtually impossible for any of us to do anything, no matter how insignificant, without being affected by our conditioning.
Every step you take, move you make, or word you say is affected.

In short, how successful you will be at anything is inexorably tied to the words and beliefs about yourself that you have stored in your subconscious mind.

What could your future hold?

Ultimately, success is up to the individual. It isn't the pen - it's the writer; it isn't the road - it's the runner that counts.

You will become what you think about most; your success or failure is anything, large or small, will depend on your programming - what you accept from others, and what you say when you talk to yourself.
The brain simply believes what you tell it the most. And what you tell it about you, it will create. It has no choice.

Chapter three - What works and what doesn't

Something that was so essential, so important to the whole process of achieving success, that without it, the other solutions would not work.
I begain to recognize that this "missing ingredient" could be the glue which would, for the first time, bind all the other elements of success and self-fulfillment together.

Since the old programming controls the habits, it is the old habits which once again take over. The new goal of conquering the world and making great changes is left to be tackled again some other day.

Could it be, I wondered, that the missing ingredient I sought was somehow connected to our individual programming?

On the trail of a sensible solution

Whatever you put into your mind - in one way or another - is what you will get back out - in one way or another.

why do so many people who read a book on something as worthwhile as "positive thinking" decide to start thinking differently and end up, six months later, thinking just as they did before they read the book?

  1. Most of the authors are on the right track. They appear to be sincere, caring individuals.
  2. If you follow their advice, most of it will help.
  3. Nothing you read is permanent; none of the self-help programs continue to work by themselves or without constant reinfrocement.

Thirty years of "How-to"

I will summarize its most popular teachings for you.

Even being skeptical, I had to agree. If you combined the best of all the self-help or self-improvement teachings available to us, it is clear they have given us most of the "keys to success".
Then what's wrong?
Why do we need more books, more solutions, and more reminders?

The missing ingredients

I found three ingredients which are clearly missing from almost all of the litterature

  1. The furst missing ingredient is permanence. All external solutions are temporary. Even the best of the ideas work only for a time. Without constant attention and effort, even the most exciting success breakthroughs run their course and eventually end up on our list of "good ideas" and "good intentions".
    I have yet to find a book that would jump dow off the shelf and tap you o the shoulder each morning and say "Hey! Remember me? What I taught you? Why aren't you still doig it?"

  2. A knowledge of the physiological process of the human brain.
    The brain runs the ship. If you want to make a permanent change of any kind, you've got to follow the rules.

  3. The most important of all, is a new, word-for-word set of directions, new programming to the subconscious mind, the control center of the brain.
    That means a specific "programming vocabulary" which is worded in a specific way, that anyone ca use at any time, to erase and replace the old negative programming with positive, productive new directions.

Whatever means you choose to make the change, unless you first begin to change your old "programming", the years of conditioning that keeps you doing it the old way, the likely outcome is that what you want to accomplish will not work.