How much do I want to read more? 6/10

This book is focused on the workplace.
I didn't get anything from the first part, which is a general talk about psychology and behavior.
I'm not much motivated to read on, but more encouraged to read or re-read "Think fast and slow" (instinctive and reflective mode), and even "Personal Power" (by Tonny Robbins, who explains we are motivated by pleasure and pain).

Maybe the one thing is to avoid the "defensive mode" and seek for "creative mode" (but again, you will find much greater details elsewhere about it, in non-violent communication per see)

Having a good day at work:

  1. Being productive, knowing one's efforts are worthwhile
  2. Feeling we do a great job receiving support from others
  3. Leaving oneself more energized

The science's essencials

Two complementary systems of the brain: One deliberate and controled, the other automatic and instinctive.

"Going short of sleep is like forgetting to save a document that you've worked on all day".