How much do I want to read more? 2/10

It's purely a book about investment, and I'm reall out of this field right now, not interested.

1 - It’s a Mad, Mad World

This book is about succeeding in investing by avoiding mistakes. The organizing framework of this book, in five parts, is that we will reap pleasing investment rewards if we (1) make decisions rationally, (2) invest in what we know, (3) work with honest and trustworthy managers, (4) avoid businesses prone to obsolescence and financial ruin, and (5) value stocks properly.

French polymath Gustave Le Bon wrote The Crowd in 1895 as a rant on French politics, but his observations also describe how stock market manias occur. Under the influence of crowds, individuals act bizarrely, in ways they never would alone. Le Bon’s key theme is that crowds are mentally unified at the lowest, most barbaric, common denominator of their collective unconscious—instincts, passions, and feelings—never reason. Being unable to reason, crowds can’t separate fact from fiction. Crowds are impressed by spectacle, images, and myths. Misinformation and exaggeration become contagious. Prestige attaches to true believers who reaffirm shared beliefs. Crowds will chase a delusion until it is destroyed by experience.