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What animates the author is to give hope and purpose to other people:
"I can be the miracle that opens your eyes, inspires you, instills courage in heart, assures you that you are loved, and sends you forward to serve your purpose."
If he found a purpose to serve others, we should consider finding our way to do so as well.

THREE - Matters of the Heart


When I understood my own value, I valued others more.

If you have no respect for yourself, do you think others will respect you? If you don’t love yourself, can others love you? Of course not. But if you are comfortable in your own skin, others will take comfort in your presence. If you make others feel good about themselves because of your positive, encouraging, accepting, and inspiring presence

Scripture tells us that of the three spiritual gifts—faith, hope, and love


the victories in my life have a richness and depth of meaning for me that I can’t imagine would exist if I had been born with arms and legs. I honestly appreciate my life more because I’ve had to struggle to do many things that most people simply take for granted.

FOUR - A Life of Passion and Purpose

Remember, too, that if one passion ends, it is probably because God has something bigger and better in mind for you.


What drives you? What makes you excited about each day? What would you do for free just to be doing it? What would you never want to retire from doing? Is there something that you would give up everything else for—all your material possessions and comforts—just to do because you feel so good doing it? What do you feel a sense of urgency about accomplishing?

You’ll know you’ve found a passion when your talents, knowledge, energy, focus, and commitment all come together in a way that excites you like a child with a favorite game or toy.
Your work and pleasure become one and the same. You feel as though the opportunities are endless. What you do becomes part of who you are, and the rewards that come to you are far less satisfying than those that come to others because of you.


One of the dangers of modern society is that so many people value what they do or what they own more than they value who they are.

I advocate pursuing your passion, but only if that passion uses your gifts to glorify God, not to exalt the self. I’ve known misguided people who pursue a passion that is all about feeding their egos and building status. Instead of taking joy in expressing the gifts that God gave them as a way to honor Him and be a blessing to others, their focus shifts to accumulating money, status, and power. In the process they neglect their relationships and their spiritual development.

When you have a deep and abiding unhappiness like Eduardo’s, it is usually because you are not living as you were meant to live; your gifts are being used for the wrong purpose.
Do not ignore these feelings. Examine them and trace them to the source so you can get back on track.

FIVE - Body Weak, Spirit Strong