How much do I want to read more? 6/10

The book is simple in a good way, although it might be a bit shallow at the same time.
The main message is obviously that you can put your differences to work for you instead of against you. And that's inspiring.

TWO - No Arms, No Legs, No Limit

[quote, Martin Luther King]
“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.”

I know for certain that as long as you draw breath, hope is available to you. You and I are only human.

Lift them up so that they will be comforted with the knowledge that they are not alone in their suffering. Offer compassion when you need it. Be a friend when you need friendship. Give hope when you most need it.


My mother, bless her, made an important decision at an early stage of my life. “Nicholas, you need to play with normal children because you are normal. You just have a few bits and pieces missing, that’s all,”

She didn’t want me to feel less than normal or restricted in any way. She didn’t want me to become introverted, shy, or insecure just because I was different physically.

Labels can provide a tempting hiding place. Some people use them as excuses. Others rise above them. Many, many people have been labeled “handicapped” or “disabled,” only to soar above, enjoying dynamic lives and doing important things. I encourage you to rise above any attempt to restrict you from exploring and developing your gifts.

THREE - Full Assurance in the Heart


You should never live according to what you lack. Instead, live as though you can do anything you dream of doing.


At times in my childhood I had a limited perspective. My vision of my life was so self-centered that I never dreamed there were other people in worse circumstances than mine, people like Christy Brown. Then, around age thirteen, I read a newspaper story about an Australian man who’d been involved in a horrible accident. As I recall, he was paralyzed, unable to move or talk, and confined to a bed for the rest of his life. I couldn’t imagine how horrible that would be.

His story helped to open my eyes and expand my vision. I realized that while my lack of limbs posed many challenges, I still had so much to be thankful for, so many possibilities in my life.

Suddenly I saw a new possibility. I was not a burden. I was not deficient. I was not being punished. I was custom-made for God’s works to be made manifest in me!

You must understand that sometimes in life you won’t get the answers you seek right away. You have to walk by faith. I had to learn to trust in the possibilities for my life. If I can have that trust, you can too.

FOUR - Love the Perfectly Imperfect You

When you are unwilling to accept yourself, you are less willing to accept others, and that can lead to loneliness and isolation.


We spend half our time trying to fit in with the crowd and the other half trying to stand out from it.

I’ve adopted an attitude that might work for you. I’ve decided that my beauty lies in my differences


If you can’t resolve your own issues, be the solution for someone else.

If you don’t love yourself, then give yourself away. If you do that, you’ll be amazed at how valuable you feel.


My best advice for finding inner happiness is to reach outside yourself, to use your talents and brains and personality to make life better for someone else.

FIVE - Attitude Is Altitude

Think of your attitude as the remote control for your television set. If the program you are watching doesn’t do anything for you, then you simply grab the remote and change it. You can adjust your attitude in much the same way when you aren’t getting the results you want, no matter what challenges you encounter.

3. An Attitude of Empathy

I don’t know what that child had gone through or how difficult his life was. But I can tell you this: his attitude was amazing because despite all his problems, he still had the ability to reach out and comfort others. What a gift to have such empathy and compassion!
When you feel victimized or self-pitying, I encourage you to adjust your attitude to one of empathy. Reach out to someone else in need. Offer a hand. Volunteer at a shelter. Serve as a guide or a mentor. Use your grief or anger or hurt to help you better understand and ease the pain of someone else.

Once I made a conscious decision to forgive God and my doctors and move on with my life, I felt better physically and emotionally, and I felt my time had come to take responsibility for the rest of my life.
An attitude of forgiveness set me free. You see, when you hold on to old hurts, you only give power and control to those who hurt you, but when you forgive them, you cut the ties to them.

SIX - Armless But Not Harmless