How much do I want to read more? 7/10

There's a lot of repetition in part 1, and you don't learn anything but that you need to excel at three basic skills: reading, writing, arithmetic.
The firt part is actually more about getting you motivated.
However, I'm looking forward to read what's next, the "meat" of the book.


This book grew out of a simple idea: that you don't have to ba a scholar to learn. That learning - fast, powerful learning of any subject you choose - can be made easy beyond most people's fondest dreams, il they are only taught a few simple actions that make facts pop right into their minds!

Yes - actions! No theories. Not principles. Not abstract rules that demand a genius to pu them to work. But simple physical actions! Things you can do immediatly. As simple as picking up a pencil. Opening a book the right way. Copying down problems on a piece of paper so that they half-solve themselves.

These learning actions were not invented by me. They are the result of years of work by teachers, tutors, authors of speed-learning adult-education courses, management-training executives - everyone. In fact, who has been given the responsability of making learning easy - and making it fun.
These simple actions - designed for practical people who are pressed for time but realize thaht they have to learn to forge ahead in life - are collected for the first time in this book. Though there are literally dozens of them in the pages that follow, I have tried to stress the following seven - probably the most profitable seven actions you will ever learn in your life!

  1. How to flash-read the printed page. So well that you will eventually be able to pull the core ideas out of many books in about thirty minutes.
  2. How to develop a tape-recorder memory for the spoken word.
  3. How to build a power-packed vocabulary.
  4. How to double your problem-solving ability - in math, business, finance.
  5. How tu burn facts, figure, whole books into your memory.
  6. How to write simple, clear, compelling English.
  7. How to shiz right through the dozens of "make-or-break tests" - licence tests, pay-raise tests, promotion tests - that are your gateway to the big money.

This is a book on learning how to lean - not by dreaming but by doing!


Let me be brutally frank right at the start. In this modern, scientific, automated world of ours, your future success or failure is going to depend almost entirely upon your ability to absorb facts, skills and procedures - and put them to immediate use!
This all-important fact must be repeated over and over again: No matter what your age - whether you are a man or woman - self-employed or working for a giant corporation - the entrie quality of your life will be determined by your ability to learn, to think, to make your mind perform.

Once - perhaps ten years ago - the facts I've listed above might have been considered a life sentence of failure for the man or woman who had lost the ability to master facts, to absorb the written word, to soak knowledge up like a sponge, and put it to work - immediately!

Study is a skill, and it can be improved by practice like any other skill.
The ability to study can be improved drastically by learning a feew simple techniques of stydying scientifically.
And you can teach yourself enough of these techniques in a single week to literally start yourself on the road to doubling your power to learn.

Part One - the simple strategy of power learning

Chapter 1 - How good are your study habits today? Take this three-minute test

Are you living up to your full potential? Are you squeezing out the absolute top achievement that your inborn intelligence will give you?
In other words, are your present learning habits helping or hindering you? Is the power of your brain being harnessed from the very first minute you open a book or blocked every step of the way?

Simply observe your learning habits for a single night. Then answer these questions with a yes or no.

Do you:

If there was even one yes, this book will be worth far more to you than the price you paid for it.

Chapter 2 - Our plan of attack for more learning power overnight - this is all you have to do!

In the past few years, a great many people have become confused. They have become so fascinated with social studies, physics, foreign languages, and the like, that they have forgotten how simple a good education really is.

A good education - a bedrock education - an education upon which you will either succeed or fail for the rest of your life, consists of just three simple skills:

Readig, writing and arithmetic. The old-timers knew it. We've forgoten it; and we have to get back to it.
These are the foundation stones. Everything else, all the advanced sujects, depends on them.

What you read means nothing. It's what you can put to use that counts

Your primary job, then is twofold. First you must teach yourself the new scientific techniques of reading, writing and mathematics contained in this book.
And second, you must put them to use, every day, so you can make absolutely sure you've got them right.

In everything you learn, for every day of your life, what you read means nothing. Words can simply pour in and out of your mind like water though a funnel. The only thing that counts is what sticks. How much you understand. How much you remember. And how much you can put to immediate use.
Burn this fact into your mind. To learn any subject, mere reading is only the first step. The complete, effective learning process is made up of these four steps:

This is the end goal you want. Reproducing , putting to use, expressing in your own words, wither on paper or in conversation with your friends.

The ten-minute achievement check on the material you learn from this book

Starting today, and continuing for every day that you read this book, do this:

Spend at least ten minutes a day putting these new ways of learning to work. The time of day is unimportant; but you must be able to give that time completely to your work, in full concentration upon these new methods, with no interruptions and no sense of being burried.
For these few minutes each day, nothing in the world matters but your mind and the accomplishments it is giving you!

This will be the first time you first read a magazine article in five minutes and startle your friends that very same night by rattling off every main point contained in it.