How much do I want to read more? 2/10

A short, shallow and mean book.

It talks about being influenced in a clothes shop, being prone to look at what other people just look beforehand. Or about a grocery store, watering and changing flowers on their storefront so that we think their products are fresh.

I didn't get valuable information so far.
Some information are questionable. Like saying the person with cluttered desk is harder to challenge because he/she can work in any condition, whereas the "neat desk" person would rather focus on cleaning the new mess than on the actual work.

Chapter 1 – Mind Control Facts vs. Fiction

The Realistic Scope of Mind Control

Influencing or controlling a person’s decisions means being able to manipulate that person’s subconscious mind. This is the real mind control.

Trying to forcefully manipulate a person’s conscious thoughts will cause that person to notice and become defensive. They are often driven to retaliation, which then leads to conflict. However, if you are able to subconsciously influence that same person, he or she will believe that he/she came to his/her own conclusions.

Chapter 3 – The Possibility of a Counterattack

Knowing Your Capabilities

You need to know how long you can sustain a conversation without becoming repetitive. This is essential because word repetition gives the impression that you are trying to extend the conversation or disguise a lack of knowledge as intelligence.