How much do I want to read more? 4/10

Being a developer myself, and having developed a few games during my self-taught teaching, I was excited to read some weird and fabulous coding stories at night, with high pressure.
As far as I've read, it's talking about firing employees, hiring, following the budget, the deadline, dealing with the producer, Kickstarter, Crowdfunding.
Wow, that was boring. Maybe I just didn't read enough to get into the interesting stuff.

Here’s an alternative theory: every single video game is made under abnormal circumstances.

Yet many of the people who make video games say they can’t imagine doing anything else. When they describe that feeling of being on the cutting edge of technology, of building interactive entertainment that’s unlike any other medium, of working with a team of dozens or even hundreds to create something that millions of people might play, it all adds up to an unshakeable belief that for all the turbulence, for all the crunch, for all the unadulterated bullshit that developers often have to go through, making video games is worth it.

1 - Pillars of Eternity

“The life of an independent developer is, every morning you wake up wondering if your publishers are going to call and cancel your games,”

Uncharted 4

How do you follow your dreams without destroying your relationships?