How much do I want to read more? 2/10

This book is very hard to read for me:
I don't drink coffee, I am not a woman, I don't read dialogs, and I don't like to read "light talk" with no values.
I have no doubt there are some values buried into those endless dialogs, but I'm not sure I will ever continue my reading to check for it.


[quote, Abbey Louie]
“This is not your typical leadership book. Growing Influence delivers fresh, insightful principles in a way that prompts deep introspection and inspires action. Prepare to grow alongside the characters.”

[quote, Amanda Visosky]
“This book captures the heart of leadership. Ron and Stacy provide a clear road map to lead and grow your influence from a place of integrity and authenticity. Women and men will both benefit from the authors’ experience and guidance.”

2. You Have Influence

Since her last discussion with David, she hadn’t stopped thinking about his question: Do you feel like you’re fulfilling what you’re meant to in life? The answer, quite simply, was no. No, she wasn’t fulfilling her purpose in life. She wasn’t even fulfilling her purpose within the company.