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This is a lecture about what govern us:
The first level is tribal (we are sheep, we depend on our environnment, and others)
The second level is individual (we take responsability for what happens to us)
The third is symbolic, bigger and wider than ourselves. You step back, and observe yourself from a higher point of view.

3 levels of power that everyone of us need to evolve along to.

When you feel your energy is getting low during the day, step back, breathe and ask yourself: what is draining my energy now?

First level is tribal, group-thoughts form.
You move at the speed of the group.
You create at the speed of your group.

Second is individual power.
It reflects the self.
Tribal energy influence people. You determine what is right for someone else, if they can do or cannot do.
I want to take responsability for the quality of thoughts I have in my head, for the attitude I put my spirit into, and for the consequences.
The tribe may say: it's not your fault, it's the society.
Or it might say: this illness can't be cured.
Adopting the inididual power: this might be true for you (or society), but this is not true for me. And you can choose a very different path of healing

Third, symbolic power. Most extraordinary. Enable to seperate from yourself, and look at your life from a much higher point of view.
To detach from the power level of consciousness and transcend it.
Usually when you feel hopeless and turn to "God" or so.
It happens behind your back, when you no longer fight through.

Do you think we could create this highly evolved computer if there was only logical out of this world? Just like there's much to our brain than a computer, there must be much in our thoughts than the logical patterns from level 1 and 2.